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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Your 2012 Best People or Animals

childrenpit bull puppychildrenNow I know we are supposed to stick to three images. Cee – I hope you’ll forgive me but I wanted to include this one of Charlie.

catThat gorgeous eye you are looking at is sore and yukky at the moment. I took him to the vet on Christmas Eve where they got a bucket load of debris/dirt out of it…he has antibiotic cream put in it every 3-4 hours, and is very patient with me doing that. Keep your fingers crossed it keeps improving and is ALL better soon. Oh and Charlie has made a friend. I found the two of them sitting on my deck the other morning. He has been trying to be friends with the other cats around here for so long…with little success. So this [if it progresses nicely] is great news. Charlie is a very social pussy cat.



34 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Your 2012 Best People or Animals”

        1. It is slowly improving. Not as fast as I had hoped…but it is not weeping as much. I hope it is better soon though as our relationship is becoming a little strained. He has taken to hiding from me when he sense the tube has made it in to my hand.


          1. I know…I hate doing it all the time but the vet says to keep it up until a couple of days after it is ALL good…but I hate the way he looks at me…like I am an incoming missile


          2. I understand! Does he have a toy, or something you two like to play together with? That’s usually how I remind Pidi I’m not all bad when we’ve had to endure pills or the dreaded ointment tube 🙂


    1. It will be interesting to see how it progresses. They are still at the awkward stage…just sitting near each other…looking. But at least there is no hissing and aggression going on.


  1. aw Jo love your happy pictures !
    Reading about Charlie … poor little fella good job he’s got you to look out for him 🙂
    Here’s to new kitty friendships for Charlie come 2013 😉
    Happy New Year to you Jo x


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