Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things that make you happy

A while ago I shared with you a beach image and then later the painting a friend did of it and gave to me as a present.

Recently something similar happened and it has made me happy. I took this image which Gilly identified as ‘Love in a Mist’ and used it in a post, CBBH Photo challenge: Blue

Love in a mist
Love in a mist

Alyson Sheldrake from Algarve Blog commented that she would love to paint it. I said…go right ahead. She did…and here is her painting which she has kindly allowed me to share with you.

Love-in-a-mist by Alyson Sheldrake
Click on the image to visit ‘Love-in-a-Mist’

I love it and it sold today !!

The thought that someone took something I created, then added her creativity to make an art work that someone will be enjoying in their home…how could I NOT be happy ???

Now hop over to Cee’s via the smiley face and join in the challenge or just enjoy everyone else’s efforts.


And just because this cockatiel makes me smile until my face almost cracks…

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