Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

When I saw this week’s challenge it made me instantly think of this image. The balance in nature is perhaps the most delicate thing in our world, and yet each day we deliberately tamper with it.

Some foolishly believe we are the master, that the resource is infinite. My hope is that we learn to respect it…before we lose it forever.

pollen covered bee


      1. I seem to have more trouble doing that the older I get. Now, I’m not sure that’s a factor of age, or a growing cynicism due to what I see in the world these days, or spending too long under the onslaught of my mother’s pessimism!

        This global economic crisis couldn’t have come at a worse time for the environment, with the money drying up and many of the people of the ‘big’ countries struggling for existence, there’s scant impetus to act now for the common good.


        1. I know what you mean. Just yesterday I was saying that were I to be young again now…before the kiddywinkles were born…I am actually not sure I would have had children. Not because of them…but because of the world I have brought them in to. I worry for their future and for their childrens’ future. but then I have days like today…I went fishing with a friend…and the sea reminds me that there are cycles to everything. We just have to learn to go with the current and not fight it…until we are strong enough to find a way out.


  1. When I was just a wee Howl, wild honey bee’s were everywhere. The neighbour had a apple and cherry orchard and on a number of occasions a wild hive would transplant themselves into the orchard. They’re quite fascinating to watch. Whenever I see an bee photo I remember the orchard.


  2. Jo, great interpretation and shot! Besides the two “delicate” interpretations you cover here, there is a third represented by the bee that you might not know about. In the US in the last couple of years thousands of honeybees died from some sort of virus. I don’t know if they ever figured out what it was, but when the story came out they were talking about how important the bees are to our crops and food supply.


    1. Thanks Sue. That is so sad. It is said that Albert Einstein once said: “If the bee disappears… man would have no more than four years to live.”
      While the quote is probably very true…Einstein is not the one who said it.

      Our local honeybee is also under threat.

      Before 2000, New Zealand had the healthiest bee population in the world. Then the varroa destructor mite arrived. Recenly another parasite has turned up – nosema ceranae. We are terrified that if the Asian Honeybee gets to NZ it will be all over for our bees. And they have established themselves in Queensland.


  3. I think you just nailed it Jo .
    Perfect sentiment and image . I feel a bit guilty I don’t make more of an effort with some things your posts make me THINK . Thanks x


  4. Bees are delicate critters indeed. We’re having trouble with mites in our local hives. No problem until bees were brought in from the mainland to pollinate the cranberry bogs. They brought the mites;-( Not to worry about the cat–I did let him in after I took the picture;-)m


  5. i love bees. as has been mentioned in an earlier comment, they seem to be disappearing globally, and so i am always happy to see them. especially if they are honey bees. apparently most of the food we enjoy every day can be traced back to the role of the honey bee.
    lots of delicate images come to mind as i see this image and read your words – the bee balancing on the flower, the flower’s ability to bear up under the weight of the bee, and the reproduction of seeds for next year’s blossoms which is possible in part because the bee is there, the bee’s ability to gather pollen because the flower is there…..
    lots of thoughts come to mind, but this is a comment and not a blog post. thank you for giving voice to something that all of us, even in seemingly small but by no means insignificant ways, are able to do to make a big difference. thanks for sharing.


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