Photo Challenge: Thursday’s Windows — Week 13

Sandra Conner’s Thursday Windows is upon us again. I thought I’d show two sides of Christmas window
St Paul’s Catholic Church in Takapuna in Auckland is a beautiful building with gorgeous windows.

The while I was at last weekend’s Santa Parade I spotted this guy peering out at the world. He looks sad to me. I think he was put out at not being able to join in all the fun !!!

santa hanging in window


  1. I know a lttle old lady who spends lots of time knitting little Santas snowmen and Angels all through the summer to raise funds for the elderly charity Age Concern. Lovely photo. X0x enjoy your weekend Jo X


  2. If the sun hits that window it would make a tremendous Blue colour block inside Jo…
    Santa looks rather Santa – ress with matching outfit and lippy 😉
    LOVELY contrast Jo !


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