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I no longer feel quite so stupid…

Thanks to my friend Toni I am sharing this e-mail with you. I feel better about myself already !!!!!

Although…I am not sure I get this one. So maybe I am still in trouble ???

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Do you remember my post on DRIVING DOGS ?

Here is what happened when put to the test on Monday here.

Driving Dogs:

It’s worth watching.


58 thoughts on “I no longer feel quite so stupid…”

  1. I once drove for miles with a tupperware on the roof of my car. I couldn’t believe how nice everyone was to me…random people would just honk and wave wherever I went! What a magic day!!:)


  2. I think I like the snake and the apple taped to a PC…there are days when I wish it was as simple as taping an apple to my computer. As for the dog photo- after seeing the driving video, this looks quite normal! 🙂


    1. Awwwwwwwww…thank you !!!!! For the award. I have a few that I really have to get around and answer to soon. I have lost a few things like that too…but like you I did a lot of OMG head shaking as well.


  3. Bwahahahaha. Thanks for the early morning laughs, Jo. I had to stop for a woman who was picking up all her groceries, after driving off without closing the trunk of her 4×4. Thankfully, there were no eggs. 😉


  4. These are hysterical, and encouraging. Like you say, I don’t feel so dumb after that. The man with the truck in the water? WHAT WAS HE THINKING?!?! The Apple computer and the white out lady made me laugh out loud. But that dog driving the mini? Adorable, smart, cute. I want that animal!


    1. I still don’t understand the car in the water. Is anyone really that stupid ??? Two of the three dogs now have forever homes. They say ANY dog [if it is the right size] can learn to drive. Can you imagine Chevvy behind the wheel ???


  5. Hi Jo, thank you for the smiles in those photos today, We have a low bridge near where we live, I have lost count of the amount of big high lorries with containers have got stuck under it.. I remember a few years ago when an articulated lorry carrying Kellogg Cornflakes got stuck, the headlines in the paper read something about their being a Crunchy Nut at the wheel! … 🙂

    Love and Laughter… xoxox Big Hugs, Sue xox


  6. Hillarious images. Thanks for the laugh!! I drove next to one with a plastic bag with grocery in it once. I waived and flashed my lights, but the driver paid no attention to anything else but the road ahead of him. I only hope he still has his items when he got home.


  7. Leaving his things on the top of the car and go… that’s my husband. He has done that several times (but mostly his coffee-to-go, no handbags). The cheerleader with the go sign, that could be me…. 🙂


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