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Katikati Sunrise

breathing in the sunrise

fish hiding in the shimmer

I awakened to summer

Tauranga Harbour sunrise

Tauranga Harbour sunrise


34 thoughts on “Katikati Sunrise”

  1. With sunrises as this, one would think, that would be enough ‘high’ for anyone living there.

    An hour spent fish’n another hour lived longer. Right! Not so much with the Meth, more like the beginning to the end.


    1. I just never imagined it in my street. They hauled away three Mongrel Mob members. The Armed Offenders Squad was runnng around in balaclavas and gas masks, the explosions sent up a fair bit of smoke. I was out when it started…couldn’t get back in to my street for a while as it was all blocked off by the Police. You know what really made me laugh ?? The Son saw it on the news…rang to check up on me. The Daughter saw it and posted “Whooooo Katikati” to her facebook page. She and I must talk over Christmas about this !!!!


  2. How wonderful. I wish I was there. It’s a chilly day in London. Miles and Atticus are not happy. Att is cuddled up next to me on a blanket and Miles is hogging the comforter.


  3. Awesome, Jo
    P S- I will finally be getting time to get some picture framing done this January (it’s been one crazy year) and will be getting the path photos that you gifted me done – will send you a pic


  4. Sorry you didn’t catch anything, but glad you got to go! Fishing (hell, just being in nature) is so refreshing for the soul. 🙂 I wish we had fishing weather here, but unfortunately, Old man Winter has just recently blown into town and it probably won’t be warm enough to do it for months. *sigh* But at least I can enjoy YOUR fishing trips!


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