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Can you spot my baby among these bathing beauties ???

I sure did !!!!

The Daughter is scheduled to perform at the Auckland Fringe Festival. The Wet Hot Beauties are doing SWAN SONG. And they are trying to raise the money needed for the performance.

PledgeMe is a crowdsourcing site that you can visit and donate if you think they are worth it. Sadly those of you overseas will have to forego them coming around to wash your car. But you’ll get heaps of satisfaction from knowing you did a good deed.

So visit SWAN SONG by the WET HOT BEAUTIES at PledgeMe and the rest ‘as they say’, will be history.

And The Daughter will be happy…which means I will be happy.

In February I will tell you all about it !!!!! Maybe even share a few photos of the night.

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10 thoughts on “Can you spot my baby among these bathing beauties ???”

  1. I replied to your message at linkedin, Jo. Congratulations on your budding Esther Williams!

    By the way, a few days ago I launched Christmas Carol-A-Thon 2012 with a shoutout to you and your blog as promised, since I started this year’s festivities with the 1969 Australian cartoon version. I’ll plug you and your blog again when I do the 1980’s cartoon version. Here is the link:


    1. Thanks Ed. Sorry I have had a lot on these last weeks and blogging has taken a back seat for a while. Hopefully I am back again for real…all things falling in to place that is.


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