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There’s a place for us…

Factory farming makes me weep. Animals Australia is doing its bit with this wonderful ad to raise awareness. Please DO NOT buy animal produce that comes from the depths of their despair.

Want to help ? Visit… The new Stop Factory Farming TV advertisment – help bring it to New Zealand TV screens by going to to make a donation!


12 thoughts on “There’s a place for us…”

  1. It’s too heartbreaking. I can’t watch anything that relates to animal cruelty. It leaves me shaken and disturbed for days, weeks. I applaud your efforts. Here in the U.S. I’ve driven by high density cattle yards and it is like driving by a concentration camp. The images will never leave me. It’s the real-life horror story of our time.


  2. Yes it makes me weep too Jo… I can not watch any thing these days which shows the horrors of animal or human cruelty …. It makes me sick to my stomach…. So dare not click the vids…
    Keep up the good fight Jo,,, and sending you a Big Hug .. xxxxx Sue


  3. I hate watching these types of videos because they always make me cry. These two were no exception. Thank you for helping to make people aware of this cruelty. I think one of the things that stood out to me about what the guy in the second video said, was that “If we were treating dogs like this (like the pigs) we’d be prosecuted for animal cruelty, but somehow, it’s okay for us to do it to pigs. How hypocritical is that?” The more stuff like this, the more convinced I become that ridding the planet of the human species will probably be the best thing for the environment and the animals who are left. There simply aren’t enough “good stewards” to reverse all the damage that the assholes have done and continue to do. 😦


    1. I know what you mean about what he was saying. Next month I get to go out and collect for SAFE.
      They are such a great organisation here. They do so much for animal welfare in New Zealand. They are always out there fighting the good fight. Fven when they know they will probably win little they still go out there. If anything, I think that is one of the most important lessons i want to leave my kids with. That sometimes, even if you know you won’t win – even if you know it will cost you, you still HAVE to go out there and fight the fight. There are just some fights that need to be fought no matter what.


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