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Solar Eclipse 2012

We may not have seen the full solar eclipse here yesterday but is was still amazing at 87 % and amid a sky full of clouds.


43 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse 2012”

        1. No Australia had 100 %, we had 87 % here in New Zealand…but the light was so cool. It changed and even though the clouds got in the way I thought they made it just that much more beautiful.


    1. I was a little awed Brynne. The light everywhere seemed to change once it began happening. I was laughing actually. My friend was in hysterics because I wouldn’t actually risk looking at it…even with sunglasses.


    1. That is so true Gilly. It got really cold. And a wind came up. We were sitting on my friend’s deck drinking coffee, eating muffins, playing with her dogs…under a blanket. In November.


    1. I hope those are good things Elizabeth. I needed a break and decided to spend some time away from NaNoWriMo and computers playing silly buggers with me for the morning. Just what I needed. A good friend, great coffee, muffins, baby ducks and lambs, 2 crazy cute dogs and an eclipse. A perfect morning really !!!!!


    1. I can’t remember ever seeing one before either. It was a bit eerie. it cold really cold and the wind came up. The light was weird too. But I am so glad I saw it and with a friend too.


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