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Travel Theme: Soft

Yesterday was change the bedding day. Jackie’s favourite day of the week.

My Jackie is just about the softest cat I have ever been lucky enough to have deign to let me cuddle them. So when I hear the word SOFT…Jackie is what I see.

These may not be the clearest images of her, because not only is Jackie soft, but she is incredibly fast when I am making the bed. I have the claw marks to prove it as she zooms around trying to catch me out.

Ailsa has plenty more SOFT posts for this week’s Travel Theme so go on…pop over and have a look. Heck join in with the rest of us. It’s loads of fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


60 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Soft”

  1. We have a black cat too called Lilly, she is also impossible to photograph well as her blackness merges with shadows. You have to catch her outdoors, and then she usually moves really fast!


          1. Wow Jo! That is so impressive! I haven’t read it since you started as it has been very busy on my end. But I’ll try to go back and check it out! πŸ™‚ Good luck!!!


    1. Thank you Imelda…Jackie is much better. Not 100% yet but I am hopeful she will be. And yes she is quite patient with me when I pull out the camera…to a certain point at least.


    1. She is very soft…though when I just had her sitting on the laptop keyboard, front legs on my chest demanding attention…I was wishing she would find another place to get cuddly.
      πŸ˜‰ No I wasn’t – not really.
      She is much better. Still has her moments but I think whatever it was/is…is on the way out.


    1. She is pretty. I think it is sad that with Jackie being soooooooooooo black it is often hard to show just how pretty she is. I tell her ALL the time though that she is my beauty.


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