The Draco Stone continues…

Chapter I Scene IV

He turns immediately to the left and begins picking his way through the dim brush. We proceed single file. For many hours we trek with only the unicorns’ sight to guide us through the darkness. As we go deeper, even though the sun would be rising, it does not reach onto the forest floor. The gloom transmits itself, and I feel the weight of the task creep under my skin.

What is it you doubt Deveron?

We are but nine Wraith.

And the Sadistiens are but six.

I fear for them. I should have come alone.

Are you so absolute in your view of yourself?

No, but I am not sure that we shall be successful.


My choice of them may be their death.

Arrogance. It does not suit you my friend.

Not arrogance Wraith, foreboding, and regret.

You must know that there is not one man here that you could have stopped from coming.

I did not try.

No, but it makes no difference, they each have the right, as do you, to be part of this.

If we fail, they will be needed more than ever.

Your lack of faith does them discredit Deveron. We are only just begun, and you sound worse than the bleakest doomsayer. Have faith, my friend.

Was it not you Wraith, who just warned me that some might not survive the Devil’s Den?

It is true. You should know by now Deveron, Unicorns always prepare for the worst. It is our way. It does not mean anything other than that. We are not blessed with vision. Were that so, we would not have been almost annihilated ourselves.

I’m sorry for it Wraith.

I begin to fear for you more than the others Deveron. You must not enter the Devil’s Den with so much weighing on your soul.

I shall feel better once I have spoken with the Phoenix King.

I hope so.


Chapter I Scene V

Wraith looks doubtful, but keeps any further thoughts to himself as he leads the way through the forest. Talking is impossible, the deeper we go the louder the noises from the inhabitants become. From deep within the underbrush to the highest canopy they call to each other of our passing. It is almost time for the sun to leave the sky when we reach Lissiom Lake. I will have to circumvent it to reach the bottom of Fire-Bird Mountain. I call a halt.

“Evijan, have a look around and make sure that we are alone here. Adsel, take Ryder…” before I finish the twins spring from their mounts and make off around the lake’s edge. Both adept hunters, we would soon have fresh food to fill our bellies.

We will leave as the sun rises? Wraith’s tone is troubled.



I know Wraith.

The King will not be happy to see you.

 No, but he will not kill me.

Are you so sure?

No. But I hope.

How long?

With good fortune, four days, no longer should things go well.

And if they don’t?

I shall leave Evijan with instructions to leave after eight days. You will need to help them find another way. If I do not return, they cannot travel through the Devil’s Den.

Then we must hope that you do my friend.

I look out over the lake to Fire-Bird Mountain. In the dusk, fog circles the base rising to a third of the way up. The face of it appears sheer, but I know that inside there is a single path that leads up to a secret gateway to the clandestine realm of the Phoenix people.


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    1. I do nothing else but hear them these days…sometimes I ALMOST wish they’d shut up. Last night they were arguing about Gryphes and their taste for horse meat… until about 3 am. Bastards !!!!


  1. LOL, like Alastair, now that I know your picks for who would play their parts, I, too, hear their voices when I read this!! 😀 I want Evijan to say more though (Chris has SUCH a sexy voice…hahahaha)


    1. Oh doesn’t he just. I guess I shouldn’t tell you that I just almost killed him and he’s not saying much of anything at the moment. But imagine him strapped to the back of another, unconscious, his long hair splayed out as they ride to safety. Will he or won’t he survive…that is the question !!!!!!!


    1. Well seeing as I recently sucked someone’s brains out of his head…I might let Evijan stick around a while. Can’t kill off too many at once now can I ???? It was such fun doing that…and the funeral almost had me in tears.


        1. Oh Madhu you have no idea how bad it gets. Did you know that writing scenes like these are just so good for you ? Seriously !!! A small smile begins to tug at the corners of your mouth as it progresses. It is such a cool plant. The stamen goes ‘whap’ in to the head like a sharp blade and while it hangs on sucking away there are tiny projectiles that spin around sawing through the skull until it pops off. And it has a sap that burns everything it touches. Sizzled skin everywhere.
          As for the funeral…it was so cool. So Nordic !! Okay I am off now to deal with some horse/unicorn eating Gryphes that have come out to revenge the mates that Deveron and the boys managed to chop to pieces.


  2. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!


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