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Look who is wearing The Boys on her body !!!

Yep…that would be me !

A present arrived in the mail today. As I knew what it contained it took only seconds to rip it open and put it on. Okay…I will admit it is supposed to be for Christmas…but you can understand there was NO WAY I wasn’t putting this on as soon as possible.

After all it’s not everyday a girl gets the Winchester Boys on her chest. I am hoping the giver of the gift will understand and forgive me for not waiting.

So now it is back to NaNoWriMo for me and the Winchester Bros.



41 thoughts on “Look who is wearing The Boys on her body !!!”

  1. WooT! I’m in agreement with the Cap’n – and maybe wearing them will inspire your writing! I completely understand about not opening ’till Christmas. I would not have expected you to…lol. Love the pictures! You look so happy. πŸ˜€ YAYYYYYYY for TBs!


    1. Oh I am so happy with it. I love it Corina and can’t thank you enough. I may NEVER take it off. People here already think I am a bit odd…I am now about to reinforce that idea with becoming the odd lady who wears only one thing on her chest EVERYDAY – ALL DAY and NIGHT.
      Eccentricity is a good thing – right ?????


    1. More than 30 kilos Harry. What on earth do you mean “Who are the Winchester Boys?” Do you live under a rock ??? Only my favourite TV show…the one I am ALWAYS going on about on here. I am shocked and deeply saddened Harry.


        1. Hahahaha
          It’s American and you know it old man !!!!
          After running for 8 seasons…hardly second rate either.
          Now I shall stop rising to your baiting…and get back to writing.


          1. Busy with NaNoWrimo at present Harry. Maybe after November is finished. I NEED to get the novel finished.
            Have you read any of the scenes from the book I have posted ???
            What do you think so far ???


  2. I’m horrible at waiting as well. I’m nearing my forties and I still act like a kid when you hand me a gift. Ironically I won’t intentionally look for gifts, but if I find one there’s no holding me back. Enjoy your shirt–I feel like special shirts are giving me hugs throughout the day.


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