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Travel Theme: Couples


On Friday night with the children present I got 2nd in the ‘People’ section with the portrait. I was sooooo surprised when they called out my name I spilled my wine all over the place. That got me ‘the look’ from the kiddywinkles.

Thanks Ailsa for this week’s Travel Theme: Couples



28 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Couples”

    1. Thanks Angeline. It was very cool being there – and having the kids there with me when my name got called out. But it was weird. Everyone ushered me up towards the stage but the guy on stage kind of shooed me away. They were only interested in having 1st place winners come up to get their prizes. Seems odd to me. Why have 2nd places, call them out as having won and have prizes for 2nd places if you are just going to make a big deal of 1st place winners ??


    1. I did the ‘woo-hoo’ thing there. I think that might also have been a reason for ‘the look’ from the kiddywinkles. Mothers can be soooooooo embarrassing at times.


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