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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One Single Flower

Cee’s Challenge for this week

show off up to three photos of a single flower.

Purple is such fun don’t you think ??

I loved the fragility of this one.

And back to purple again….it IS one of my favourite colours after all.

Want to know more about the challenge ? What is coming up ?  Maybe leave a suggestion for possible future challenges. Hop on the badge and have a read.


25 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One Single Flower”

    1. I’m not sure what the first one is Gilly. It was in the neighbour’s garden. I’ll see if there are others nest time I pass by. I love that you think so of the last one. I love the way it turned out.


    1. Wow – thank you Cee. That really means a lot coming from you. All your photos are amazing but your ones of flowers always blow me away…so I am thrilled you like these. I am enjoying your challenges. it’s great they are on another day to many of the others…sometimes you just can’t keep up with them all. And I love that you limited it to three photos. It makes you really think about which ones to choose.


  1. Beautiful of course. How did you possibly pick just three out of all the fab shots I know you have?! You and I were definitely twins in a past life…that love of purple (and purple flowers). 🙂 I like the last one the best, I think. The first one reminds me of a bird foot violet, but that’s probably not it. It’s lovely though. I agree that the second one looks like lace.


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