My Thursday’s Windows

I decided to join in  the CONEJO BLANCO BLOG HOP  this month. East of Malaga runs a monthly photo challenge and October’s is WINDOWS. 

Being a woman and able to multi-task I am also joining in Sandra’s Window Challenge this week as well.

I want to share with you where I went yesterday. With a friend I tootled over to Waihi to drop off two photos for a Local Art Competition: Art Waikino. While we were there we had a yummy lunch [asparagus, poached egg, bread, parmesan cheese topped with a scrummy sauce] and then my very patient friend spent time with me in the Waihi Cornish Pumphouse.

It was completed in 1904 and was used to keep the No. 5 mine shaft dry. The water was let run down the street and in another of life’s quirks, one of the statues in Waihi of this [children playing in the water] could be a statue of the same patient friend’s grandfather – doing what he loved doing – playing in the tepid water. To see the statue visit: Simple

With the introduction of hydro power the Pumphouse became obsolete. Dilapidated and left standing on shaky ground [above a honeycomb of tunnels and mine shafts] it was feared that at some point the Pumphouse would collapse.

The solution – simple of course – move the almost 2000 ton structure to safer ground.

Now as to those photos I dropped off…here they are.

If you click on this one of Charlie at Sunrise you can still vote for him in the ManyPaws Calendar Competition. Voting is open until the 12th.

So what did you do on your Thursday ???

Part of the Blog Hop Challenges is to link to two blogs that you have visited or inspire you. I am going with the INSPIRE thingee…because these two blogs always do just that for me.

Brynne’s Presences of Magic is a blog that lights up all my days with her beautiful posts. Each week her WEDNESDAY WISH drives me forward, making me aspire to know all of me and be better.

The Cap’n [he’s a pirate] has long been a blogger friend. His words never cease to delight, amuse, arouse my interest. His latest post is a short story that I feel may become an epic tale. Please pop over and read: A Boy.

I am sure once you visit these terrific blogs you will wander through their other pages.


    1. Thank you !!! I really love that building and the way they moved it to protect it against collapsing. It was great to be able to share it.


  1. top window shot, works for me.

    Think the pump house was a pretty nifty place, in terms the textures and form before the move. At least it was protected by the move, kudo’s to the powers at be.


  2. Welcome to the CBBH monthly Photo challenge Jo, and what a splendid first entry with the Cornish Pumphouse. I so enjoyed watching the video of when the building was moved. I´m glad they moved it, as many towns would have just had it demolished.

    I particularly like your first photograph of the beautiful blue sky through one of the derelict windows – though I also like the reflection of your asparagus lunch through your sunglasses 😉

    I don´t know either of the blogs you have featured this month, so now is the perfect opportunity for me to HOP over and say hello!


    1. Thanks Marianne. I am so glad you liked it. I hope you enjoy these guys as much as I do – oh I know you will. Yes, I was thrilled they didn’t just say ‘oh well.’ But apparently it was in the mine’s renewed contract that they had to preserve it somehow.


  3. Jo what a superb post, no wonder you’re in that top 100 thingy. I’ve been here – and to the fab links- for ages! I love it that Waihi went to all that trouble to move the pump house – especially as it’s Cornish. Here in Exeter we have a building that was moved, years ago with I suspect less sophisticated techniques and I’m so glad it was done.
    I’ve already voted for sunrise, lovely to see it framed,and the portrait is superb, has the subject seen it? You and your friend had a good day out, thanks for sharing it 🙂


  4. Great post Jo, I always love your amazing images. I already voted for Charlie, and the image of the man preceding it is stellar! Oh, and thanks for the link back to my story, A Boy. I’m excited to continue their adventures, and see where they end up. 🙂


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