Some more crap you probably didn’t want to know about me !!!!!

So I got tagged by Georgia at The Rainbow Bakery.

I should tell you 11 things about myself…I said should !!

As you all know I don’t do rules. And there is not a lot you don’t know about me by now. If you don’t then check out the following posts, where I have aired ALL my laundry. Pick one and get to know me better.

But I will answer the following questions that Georgia asked. They’re pretty interesting questions..

What are you reading now?

Five books actually.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

These guys…

What do you dream when you sleep? (I find this fascinating since I never remember my dreams)

Usually about these types of things…

And these guys…

What is your favourite takeaway meal?

Fish and chips
Good Kiwi tucker – Fish & Chips and a scallop or two thrown in.

Which is your favourite season and why?

I love…

Summer because daylight saving means I can go for late evening walks, salads, the beach, ice cream and I can sleep with next to nothing on.

Autumn because I can plant winter veges, the beach, the evenings are cooler, and I can wear pyjamas.

Winter because I can sleep later [who wants to get up in the dark], drink hot chocolate by the fire with a warm furry body on my lap, eat soups of all sorts, and wear fleecy pyjamas.

Spring because everything begins to grow again and I can go back to silky pyjamas.

At a party do you speak with everyone for a short time, or with one person all night?

Both – depends on my mood at the time and who is there.

What was the last live event (sport, music, theatre, comedy etc) you went to?

Katikati Theatre put on a local dinner theatre performance here in town at a local restaurant.

What is your favourite type of cake?

Chocolate…carrot…mud cake…white chocolate mud cake…banana…hell if it is cake I’ll eat it.

Describe your ideal weekend.

The beach, fish and chips, a glass of Pinot Noir…and…

Which cartoon character do you most relate to?

What was your favourite subject in school?


So there you have it. Now I am not passing it on…but you knew that.

Until next time…just remember to

like no-one is watching !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


        1. I have such differing moods and grab the book that suits at the time. Two of those are more research for a story…The Iliad…well it was time to get around to reading it, but I can’t do it except in short bursts. Not that I don’t like it – I do – I luuuuuuurrrrrrvvvvv anything to do with Greek mythology. All those wonderful Gods and Goddesses. Stephen King’s book is to help motivate me, and Anne Rice is for late at night when I can’t sleep and I want to find another world to dwell in.


          1. It is amazing how you can mix and match Homer with Steven King…..! It sounds great having a different book for every occasion! 😀
            I love reading books i love! That may sound weird, but if i start a book and i don’t like it, i am so not going to read it through…. nope, not a chance….


          2. I am the same Ioanna…don’t have time to waste on terrible books. Except 50 Shades of Grey which I forced myself to finish so i could write about it. Homer is so cool…just heavy going at times for my mind. And this one of Stephen king’s is all about his writing…and right now I am hoping it will motivate me to finish mine.


  1. I loved King’s On Writing and I’m enjoying Rice’s Interview. I’ll have to look out for the rest of the series, including The Vampire Lestat. I loved your answers for the seasons. I’m turning that way–appreciating the differences. And cake, I’ll have cake. Any kind. I recently bungled making a cake, but I’m still eating it. It isn’t the best cake, but it’s still cake. I’m off to dance with Atticus and Miles. Miles has some pretty good moves!


    1. I like that fact then.
      I hope you’ll pop back through some of the links and get to know me better. When I was looking through some of them I was amazed just how honest I was at times. But it was good.


    1. I love you for telling me I have a ‘bad ass attitude’ Angeline – no-one has ever told me that before. You just made my morning. You and a large coffee – what a way to start the day.


    1. Thank you Amy !!!
      What a lovely thing to say.
      Hope you get a chance to check out some of the links. I’d really love to hear what you think of some of them


  2. I’m guessing you’re into pajamas of all shapes and sizes :-).
    Great post.
    If I read more than one book at a time, I’d get confused. Duh. What does that tell you? (Be kind) 😀


    1. I am always kind aren’t I Gemma?? Actually no !!!
      But hey I get confused too. i just have different moods where I want a different type of book. And a couple are more for research in to my book.


    1. I can astral travel these days Gilly…all to do with one of those books I am reading.


  3. Rock on, Jo! My father used to read multiple books at the same time. I find myself listening to audiobooks a lot now. Just finished Stephen King’s Bag of Bones. It started off slowly, but picked up quickly. There was an interview with King at the end. He really comes across as a great guy. He’s one of my favorite modern writers.


    1. I am going to have to look in to this whole audio book thing…you’re the second person lately who has mentioned it.


  4. I also read up to 6 books at once! Right now I’m reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, Leonard Cohen Hallelujah by Tim Footman, Maths for Mums and Dads by Rob Eastaway, Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold and Gödel, Escher, Bach by Douglas Hofstadter. I would like to read the Iliad too, but I’m not allowed (by me) to read two difficult books at once. I can read as many other ones as I like!! I got given the whole set of 50 shades of grey as a joke present, but can’t bring myself to even touch them let alone read them!! I physically can’t throw out books so am not sure what to do with them! Charity shop methinks!

    I also see these awards a bit like chain letters. Well done for breaking the chain! I always do too 🙂


    1. This one was more like tagging. And I get it – it helps to build links with other bloggers when you are new. So I don’t mind playing along but this week I got given 3 awards and I just don’t have the time it takes to do all that. So I stick them on the awards page…and sincerely thank the giver and that is that.
      Are you enjoying The Lovely Bones ? I tried a few times to read it and found it…well not good. I think I’d like to read the book on Leonard Cohen. I love real stories.


      1. Yes, it makes sense & it must be nice to be included & have an award to put somewhere on your blog, but yes, 3 in one day is a bit much!!

        I love biographies, although I read a book about David Bowie recently, I was a MASSIVE fan as a teenager, and It was horrid. It was more like a dissertation than a book! It was all about the musical composition rather than a readable book!
        I have started The Lovely Bones several times & not got into it. Will let you know once i get to the end!!


        1. Do that – I didn’t like the movie either, and I love Mark Wahlberg. Have you read On The Island ? Or Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter ? Both great reads – the last one really surrised me.


  5. I’ve read the Stephen King book (great book for writers!) and the Anne Rice book (love that whole series) – but how in the world do you read so many at once?! Gah, that would drive me batsh*t. The Sam and Dean gif made me laugh out loud. 😀 I do so love those guys and love you for convincing me to watch the show – now I’m hopelessly addicted (Thanks a LOT, Jo!) 😉 Seriously, I love learning more about you, so I dig it when you post these posts.


    1. My mind already is batshit !!! So reading a bunch at once doesn’t make it any worse.
      Oh Sam and Dean are so cute. Last night I scored three seasons of Supernatural in boxed sets from The Daughter. She is in my good books for quite some time to come now. I shall be running out of good stuff soon…hehehehe…oh no I won’t !!!


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