Special Online Screening: Children of the Jaguar

On Monday the 8th of October Amazon Watch is screening live “Children of the Jaguar” all day long. It is an amazing short film and during the day you can visit their site and watch it online. I have and it really is worth seeing. The movie is approximately 30 minutes long.

Please follow the link and be as moved as I was by these amazing people and their struggle to live with dignity on their own terms in their ancestral home.

Children of the Jaguar.

The film screening is part of three special online events that Amazon Watch is using to celebrate 15 years of protecting the Amazon and supporting indigenous rights.

So I hope you’ll join me in watching and tell your friends. You don’t want to miss this wonderful film.


Sadly my beautiful Jackie is unwell again. Tomorrow it is back to the Vet for more tests. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us.


And a bit of shameful self promotion. Chronicles of Illusions is listed in the Top 100 New Zealand blogs. Yea !!! We occupy the 70th position at present. So cool. So cool.


Charlie has asked me to ask all of you if you wouldn’t mind voting for him. He wants desperately to be a Calendar Pussy. The silhouette shot has gone to his head I think. But after much persuasion from him I entered it. The link to vote is: ManyPaws Calendar Contest.

Anyone with a Facebook or Twitter account can vote. It runs until the 12th of October.


38 thoughts on “Special Online Screening: Children of the Jaguar”

  1. I’m not surprised you’re in the top 100, your blog is full of surprises and always a very high standard. Vote cast and I really hope there is good news about Jackie soon. Just checked and i can watch the video here so will try to when I get home tonight.

    1. Thanks Gilly. For the nice words about the blog…and the well wishes for Jackie. She is cross at me at the moment as I won’t let her outside. Got to keep an eye on what comes out of her. So I am getting ‘the stare’…I think you will love the film. It is subtitled but engrossing watching these guys take on a government that wants to exploit their lands for money.

        1. No not really…she’s just cross I won’t let her outside. So I get ‘the glare’ – it is usually very effective in getting her what she wants, so she is peeved it isn’t working this time I think.

  2. First special thoughts for your Beautiful Jackie, and thank you Jo for the link advice and I will be going to watch, And Congratulations in being in the top 100, its not surprising that you are Jo as your blog is excellent…
    Love that photo too,, you have such an eye when it comes to taking photo-shots.
    Wishing you a Great Day where you are and hope all goes well at the Vets..
    Hugs Sue xxxx

    1. Thanks Sue. I hope you enjoy it. When I watched it I thought you would like it. Thank you for your thoughts for Jackie. It has been a bit of a rough day and night. She can’t seem to keep even water down and it is horrible to watch. Hopefully they will figure it out tomorrow.

        1. Me too. It’s 2.33 am and she has me awake . She started vomiting and I rushed her from my bed to the bathroom. She has settled down now for the moment…now I can’t sleep.

          1. I hope not. I have these idiot neighbours though who think it is perfectly fine to sprinkle slug bait around in a very public garden along my driveway. Talked to the vet today. It could be anything. She might have eaten a bird/mouse that has upset her because she was sick not so long ago. He says it could be because she is eating again and I have started reintroducing foods to her. It could be that she does have pancreatitis and it is acting up. It could be a hairball stuck in her stomach…or a tumour. He actually called her an elderly cat, said it could be all manner of things as she is now a senior. She’s only eight…going on nine for goodness sake. That’s not elderly. She will hate people calling her that. I hate people calling her that.

  3. Hi Jo me again, I just went to click your Cat photo and vote, but you have to become a member and Im member of enough things at present but you have my whole hearted best wishes for the Calendar, as Im not a member of facebook or twitter.. :-) Hugs and all the Best xx Sue

    1. Thanks. I love that you think so.
      Jackie is at the vets. Been knocked out and examined…still nothing concrete. Coming home later today. They have given her something to stop the vomiting, and antibiotic and we will just have to start all over again with little bits of food I guess. Can’t wait to get her back. Apparently she tried to escape from the vets. That’s my feisty wee girl :)

  4. I hope Jackie is feeling much better now. Glad to hear the great news about your blog’s standings. Love the photos and your posts.

    1. They haven’t found anything concrete…but that means there are no masses or tumours. So that’s good. I guess we will just have to hope whatever it is sorts itself out soon.

  5. Sorry to hear Jackie is not too good again; will keep my fingers and toes crossed for a speedy recovery for her. You must be worried sick.
    Going over to Amazon Watch now to see if I can catch the film. Thanks Jo.

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