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Sunday Post: Delicious

I love soup. I mean really love soup. So I have decided to share with you a recipe for one of my favourites. I was introduced to a similar recipe for this by a friend, and have been adapting and experimenting until I got it exactly the way I like it. Try it and I dare you to tell me it isn’t good !!!!!!!

There are alternatives for people who don’t like seafood or chicken…just scroll down.

I made this today just for this post [and took a few photos while cooking – this was MY dinner tonight] – had some fresh bok choy from the Farmer’s market at hand.

Dinner was YUMMY !!!!!!

Jo’s Spicy Bok Choy Soup.


  • 3 tablespoons olive oil,
  • 2 tablespoons finely chopped jalapeno peppers [I also use home grown chillies in place of these in the summer when I can pick them from my garden – depending on their strength and your tastes this is a little bit at a time method until you get it right. I like spicy so I use a tablespoon of hot chillies]

  • 4 cloves garlic, chopped [sometimes I cheat and use the stuff in a jar – about four heaped teaspoons]
  • 2 tablespoons of chopped pickled ginger

  • a couple of cups of mushrooms, sliced thickly [any kind will do]

  • 2 medium bok choy, trimmed and cut into slices about 2cms/1inch thick

  • Salt and pepper
  • 6 cups vegetable stock
  • 300 grams medium peeled and deveined shrimp [you can cheat and use frozen shrimp – toss them in frozen. Not a seafood lover – try chicken pieces – vegetarian – try diced fried tofu]

  • 2 blocks of egg noodles [break them up, it makes the eating a lot easier] Vegetarian – vermicelli pasta makes a good alternative.

  • 1 onion chopped


Heat a medium pot over medium/high heat. Add the olive oil,  then toss in the onion, jalapeno peppers, garlic, ginger, mushrooms, and bok choy, season with salt and pepper. Stir fry for about 1 minute.

Then add your vegetable stock. Put the lid on the pot and bring ingredients to the boil.

Now you can add the shrimp and noodles and cook for approximately 5 minutes. Adjust salt and pepper to your taste and serve.

Enjoy !!!

I’d really love to hear what you think of this one.

I have a few more yummy posts if you want to check out my recipes.

For more Delicious pop on the flying dragon and head over to Jake’s place.


56 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Delicious”

    1. That came about as an accident Colline. I was trying different recipes. One had fresh ginger in the ingredients, and all I had was the pickled type. I loved it so it stayed.


      1. I would if I had a recipe. I’m one of those who makes up recipes as I go along. If it sounds good, I throw it in the crock pot. Sometimes it works and I’d rather not talk about the other times. Yesterday was a success.


    1. What you need to do is maybe start with half of what I say. I gave it to someone and they said their lips tingled at this strength. You can always add more but you can’t take it out.


  1. Looks scrumptious, minus the onions, jalepenos and ginger for me. Thanks for sharing. It’s always good to have a new recipe for a good, solid soup for when the cold weather gets here!


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