They’re back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a long wait, the boys from Supernatural are back in town. With a new producer, this first episode gives hope that the show is heading back into the good old days. Season seven left me feeling that the show had lost what made it good in the first place. While there were some really good episodes, it floundered for more than one reason. The main problem I found was how separate the boys were from the things they were hunting. The Leviathans were too big and nasty for the boys to really engage with on a personal level. And Eve’s storyline never came to the fore except for one episode. With Crowley back there is hope that he will be right there in the boys’ faces with all his evil intent. After all, who knows the boys’ strengths and weaknesses better than Crowley, having worked both with and against them in previous seasons.

The newest episode, “We Need To Talk About Kevin,” is reminiscent of earlier seasons. It brings the feel of season one with its treatment of the brothers’ relationship and the dynamics of how they view life and hunting. Dean has always seen himself as a hunter above all else. For Dean there is nothing more important than the family business. In season six he lost his edge, and the sense of melancholy that he carried changed they way the boys interacted, and, in my opinion, not in a good way.

In this episode however, from the moment Dean appears you can feel his barely restrained edginess. Jensen Ackles‘ performance is riveting. It reminds me of season four’s episode “Lazarus Rising” and later his brooding performance in season seven’s episode “Death’s Door.”  Much of Dean’s tension is thrown at Sam when Dean discovers his brother has given up hunting for the year they have been apart.

Sam has never completely let hunting envelope him. Even in last few seasons where he came to terms with the life and the destiny that is his, Sam has always slipped between hunting and regular life with much more ease than Dean. It will be interesting to see how the boys come to terms with each other after their vastly different experiences during the last year.

One of the most noticeable changes, and a welcome one for me, is a return of the humorous banter that I found missing from season seven. This episode feels more like the first season where the writers let the boys have a bit of fun with each other while still emphasizing the brotherly bond.

Elsewhere, there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding Cas’s fate. In Dean’s flashbacks to Purgatory it’s obvious that he was searching for Cas in the beginning of his time there. So what happened? Dean is very reluctant to discuss it with Sam other than saying Cas didn’t make it. And what about Benny? The mysterious vampire, who offered to help Dean find the way out of Purgatory so long as he got a ticket out as well, doesn’t seem to be very welcome in Dean’s life now they are topside.

For his part, Kevin provides some nice moments. His reply to his girlfriend’s question of what is happening gave me my biggest chuckle. “There’s a demon in you and you’re going to your safety school.” Admit it, it’s funny. I can’t wait to see where they go with the whole ‘close the lid forever on Hell’ storyline.

Thankfully, this season Baby is back. While I understand the need for Baby to have been sidelined during season seven, she has become almost as integral to the series as the boys are. Baby is their home, not just their transport, but the place to lay their heads they never really had. Baby is to Dean what the Batmobile is to Batman — an extension of his persona.

I think this episode is a good start for the season. My only upset is with the Sam storyline. After obviously giving up hunting and trying to lead a normal life, why did he go back to the cabin in Montana around the time Dean got out of purgatory? Why did he leave the girl and the dog? That seems just a little too coincidental for me.

Hopefully as the season progresses we will see more of what the boys went through during the past year. I am also hopeful, from the direction this first episode takes, that we are back to the successful formula from the earlier seasons where each episode is a quest within the greater quest.

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18 thoughts on “They’re back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      1. I think I caught a couple of episodes from their first series ages ago, but I was never around when they were showing – or vice versa. I am, however, going to make more of an effort to see them… it sounds like my kind of show!


        1. Oh you have to see it. Seasons 1-5 are freaking brilliant. And Season 6 is good, and has great episodes, but the writers seemed to have gotten a little lost in Season 7, though there were some WOW episodes in there. But they got rid of Sera Gamble thank God as a producer and I think they have found their mojo again, which is great because if they make the fans happy it could go on for another two seasons. But you have to start at the beginning. Though [especially in the earlier seasons] each episode is a mini quest really there are threads that tie all the episodes together and give you background for future episodes. And let’s face it those boys can act…and look good at the same time. What more can a girl ask ???


          1. Well, Jo, you’d already sold it to me with your post, but now it is a must. It has to be available in box sets to buy now, mustn’t it? That’ll be a better way to catch the episodes!


          2. Yessireedie !!! Amazon has boxed sets and they aren’t too expensive. Here is a link to a Season 1 set:

            No go forth and be amazed Tom.

            Oh and check out my other posts on TBs [as they are affectionately known on here].
            Supernatural has all my reviews and just lots of crap about the show…the car [oh Baby], how I luuuuuuurrrrvvvvvvvv that car.


          3. I added another link for if you want to learn more…
            You’re welcome…it is always a pleasure and a privilege to educate and illuminate anyone about TBs.
            Makes me feel less insane about my obsession when others get obsessed too.


  1. I agree with you: Sam has always wanted to live a normal life, without all the madness, and it’s always come easier to him than Dean.
    Honestly, after the first four seasons, the show lost most of it’s original charm, and now that Season 8 is finally here, it feels like 2005 all over again! 🙂


    1. That’s what I thought when I saw this episode exactly…we are back to the days when every episode was a joy to watch. At least that’s what this one hopefully signals. I actually loved Season five. I thought Jared Padelecki was amazing in that series especially in the last episode Swan Song. That scene where he talks to Lucifer Sam in the mirror was riveting and powerful.


  2. Did you know that WP makes me put in a id and password to give you a star or to “like” one of your posts? People are complaining to me that WP is doing that on my post. So they just give up. I will have to contact them. Again. Grrrrrr!


    1. It does it to me occasionally Russelll, and I went through a time where it happened to me ALL THE TIME, now it is just occasionally. Don’t know why it happens but it drove me nuts at the time.


    1. I don’t think he’s angry about Sam stopping so much, as Sam not searching for him and trying to get him back from purgatory. And the dog in Baby is a big sore point. Silly Dean.


  3. I’m happy for you about their return. Perhaps, this is where your extreme liveliness is coming from these days. 😀 … which I dearly and highly enjoy. 🙂 I hope they do continue to go back to the basic for the next episodes for you to enjoy it. I feel the same way with the other TV shows I see.


  4. YES! And…Cas CANNOT BE GONE. I refuse to believe it. I must say TBs were looking yummeh as ever. 🙂 le sigh…soooooo dreamy. Dean needs to get over Sam having a dog in Baby – at least he didn’t wreck her, right? OH, and at least he wasn’t playing ‘girlie emo music’ in her this time! lol


    1. No – Cas isn’t gone. Refuse to consider that one. I think Dean is acting very weird…there’s more to it all. After all he just did what Dean did with Lisa when Sam was gone for a year. All very odd.


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