Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Ever since my girl Jackie got sick she has been different. Oh she’s still grumpy as all Hell, but these days she’s become a snuggler with her Mum. The grumpiness is reserved for anyone who comes too close to what Jackie now considers hers and hers alone.

“How many times must I say it? These legs is MINE !!!!!!”

“And if we could have a little quiet please !!!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine


  1. The best cat that I ever had was a black and white male named J.D. He got into an argument with a german shepherd and came out the worse for it. He needed about a hundred stitches. I am not exaggerating. He was nearly skinned alive by the beast. After his surgery, he slept with me for about 24 hours. I stayed up all night with him and he had to wear one of those plastic collars. His momma cat (Princess) would have nothing to do with him. Anyway, long story short, he became much more cuddly. He still didn’t like being picked up very much, but every night he would come and snuggle with me for a few minutes and then hop off the bed and go sleep with Princess. Oh, the stories I could tell about J.D.! How I loved that cat.


      1. It is strange but true. I had a lover like that once. He would be so cold and callous, but when he was loving, it was like seeing the ocean for the first time. I put up with it for five years. That was long ago.


    1. Me too Cheryl…though today I have a wee fox terrier who is not feeling 100%. She is looking very sad and dejected. I think she has eaten something and has an upset tummy. Poor girl.


    1. What a nice thought Brynne. I was worried that when she got better she would still be cross with me for all the force feeding and medication giving…but luckily she seems to have forgiven me for all that indignity I inflicted on her.


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