The Boys are back in town…

to go until TBs are back with Season Eight.

And I for one can’t wait !!!

Here are the promo video and photos for Episode 1: We Need to Talk About Kevin.

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Kevin [The Prophet] is back, and my favourite demon Crowley. And after way too many episodes last season without her – BABY is back !!!!! After spending a year in Purgatory with Cas, Dean is back on Planet Earth. And what has Sam been doing without his brother ? This could be such an interesting season.


To read a review of episode 1: We Need To Talk About on the episode title. Great start to Season 8. Feels like a return to better days with the Winchester boys !!!


        1. Did you notice when watching the trailer there is a link to a sneak peek of episode 1 ?

          We are so far behind here in NZ with this [and other] shows…so I just stream it. I can’t wait THAT long for TBs…just not possible, and it is cruel really to keep me from them


    1. I know I’ll enjoy it – I’ve loved it so far for seven seasons…and I watch ALL the episodes more than once. It has become an obsession…tee hee


    1. I found the Leviathan storyline a bit different…but they have a new producer this year…here’s hoping they focus more on TBs and their dynamics.


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