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Sunday Post: Favourite Spot.


Yesterday I got to hang out with a friend at a favourite spot. Waihi Beach. Of all the places in the world…the beach is where I most feel at peace.

Jake has lots more great images and links so hop on the dragon and go have a look. You must…if only to see Jake’s hysterical graphic of him asleep at his desk. I seriously want one of those moving lamps.



50 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Favourite Spot.”

  1. Great pictures. I haven’t been to your beach, but you’ll have to take a peek at some of my beach shots and say that California has some pretty beaches as well. Thanks so much for visiting my site. Come back soon, and I’ll be following yours as well. 🙂


    1. You know me too well Gilly. Yep as soon as I saw the challenge I thought about going through old photos of Waihi Beach, but when a friend took me there on Sunday I was thrilled. Even better we spent some hours at a friend’s second hand bookshop in the town at the beach. Drinking coffee, thumbing through old books…me taking photos. And – I got six Anne Rice books I haven’t read yet. So it was a really great day I’d say.

      She has the most amazing bear in the shop. it has a honey pot and is covered in honey and bees. Check out the new photos I put up on FB for the bear, I’d love you to see it. Can’t wait to use it on here.


    1. Thanks Joshi – you’re right they really are relaxing. Sand between your toes, wind at your back, salt air kissing your skin…how could you not feel the peace of it all !!!!


  2. Ah, Jo, that’s your beach? There’s something special about cool climate beaches / beaches in winter / beeches in the rain that’s so different to our stereotypical summer beach of sandcastles, surfers, and exposed brown bodies with the over-riding smell of suntan lotion … 🙂


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