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100 Steps Photo Challenge

The challenge from PhotoBlog this month is: 100 Steps: Prepare a short itinerary you would like to explore, and once there, stop every 100 steps and find something to photograph around you.
This project is about finding inspiration in an unknown environment. Most of the time, it will be easy, because you will find what your itinerary was about (pretty buildings, flowers, people… or whatever you were expecting to see).
But other times, you will be in a spot where nothing makes a good photo at first glance… Wait a little, walk a few steps around where you stopped, look up, look down, change your lens, and I promise you: you will find something good to photograph!

This is what I came up with from the images I took on my walk.

The header consists of other photos I took on my 100 steps walk.


My boy Kevin Costner scores at the Emmy Award‘s just a few minutes ago with his role in “Hatfields & McCoys,” taking the best actor in a miniseries or movie award and likening his trophy to an Olympic medal.

I’ve seen the mini series and by God it is GOOD !!!! Kevin Costner ROCKS in it.



40 thoughts on “100 Steps Photo Challenge”

    1. I know. The whitebaiter [man fishing] was a surprise. I have never been able to stomach whitebait…tiny little fishies that they toss in the pan and fry up…you can see their eyes…not for me I am afraid. So was the Scottish flag…never seen that before. Kiwis are so surprising.


      1. Maybe partly plain ol’ age – though in my case there are a couple of personal complications: a stubborn and very elderly mother in poor health who lives about 100 miles (165 km, roughly) away, so that I dread her getting really sick during heavy snow when I can’t get to her; and a husband who’s forbidden on pain of a second heart attack to ever pick up a snow shovel again, which means dealing with the stuff becomes my job. These days, snow is my enemy.

        And if there’s no snow to lie around being decorative, winter is just drab and dreary and uncomfortable, so why bother with it?


  1. This challenge sounds like fun. You did a super job. Summer’s not over yet :-).
    Kevin Costner? Girl, I have a giant movie poster from “Wolves” framed in old barn wood hanging on the wall on my balcony. Don’t even tell me about Kevin Costner!!! LOL! Hatfields and McCoys was OUTSTANDING! Now all I need is a movie poster of that :-).


    1. Thanks Gemma.
      You have a GIANT movie poster…oh sweet heaven. It was amazing wasn’t it!!! {Hatfields & McCoys} I think it is the best he has ever done actually. He just keeps getting better and better. I was so thrilled when he won. He never really gets the recognition he deserves.
      I had a friend I used to drag to all his movies…she reckoned the worst part was watching me drool.


    1. I rather liked how that shot came out myself. I guess that’s what these challenges are about really. Making you stop and look at things you might normally not take time with and find the beauty in them.


  2. This is an amazing idea to challenge your perception of an area, love how you presented it as a collage, maybe I will try that. Do you use Photoshop? I must go check out that photoblog site


  3. Really neat idea for a challenge! Once I get my digital camera I am going to have soooooo much fun. 🙂 I liked all your flower pictures but that hand-made seagull just makes me crack up! You have some very talented artists (and photographers 😉 ) in your community. How lucky that you can be a part of it.


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