Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

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  1. Love this photo. As an ex-surfer, I know that feeling of being in the moment, when nothing else seems to be with you. Just you and the surf.


    1. Thank you !!! She just drew me in and I watched her for what seemed the longest time. She was so lost in wherever she was she never noticed me at all. It sounds like a great feeling.


  2. I always envy surfers for their affinity with the sea, I’m hopeless in the water – I can swim a bit but don’t like going under 😦 This is a really cool image, I bet the girl would love it.


    1. I use the ‘vignette’ option in Picasa for the dark, soft outer edges. I love that effect for some photos. Thanks Madhu for the lovely comment. After seeing your entry for this one I feel very honoured that you say so.


  3. I can sense the longing for isolation, the yearning to escape hard ground, to live in and on something that is wild with out boundaries in this one. The image evokes so much more than just what is in the frame. I started my morning looking at this, thanks big time!


    1. Awwwww…you’re so sweet Russell. Thank you. I took this a wee while ago but had not done any editing with it until this challenge. But as soon as I saw the word SOLITARY I knew what image I wanted. She has never left my brain…so I edited it and I am really happy with this one actually.
      Last Thursday night when I was at the opening of the yearly local art exhibition I actually agreed to have an exhibition in my little town in February of some of my images and this one is looking like a likely candidate. What do you think ???? Blown up I think she’d really be mesmerizing.


  4. I could be in the same place and look at the beach with calmness in my heart, except the surfing thing though. I couldn’t surf to save my life. πŸ˜€ LOL

    Beautiful photo! πŸ™‚


  5. I like the feel of this one and agree about the black and white adding depth and drama to it. There is a feel of power here, not just with the waves, but the unreleased energy of that resting surfer. It looks like she is pondering which wave to conquer next. πŸ™‚


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