Travel Theme: Texture

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is Texture.

Each day we see it, feel it, enjoy it and all to often don’t recognize it for what it is, what it gives us. I love the way my fingers react as they glide over the smooth skin of a tomato,

are tickled by the tiny hairs on a kiwifruit,

absorb the heat from a sun-bleached fence,

find the small worn areas of rough stone under a red painted wall,

or sense the coolness of a brass cheek.

Do your toes grip the grit covered stones as your feet feel their way across ?

Do they slide deeper in to the sand, burrowing down amidst the miniscule grains ?

Do you hop from paver to paver or smile as you test the gravel’s cohesion ?

My eyes’ thirst is quenched as the grasses quiver on the sand dunes, the icy satin water sliding over my feet, raising my flesh in answer. The sky competes. Its smooth blue broken as the clouds race each other from one horizon to the other. Ever swirling, changing moods like a model at a fashion shoot, sometimes dropping one wet kiss on my cheek to remind me of their substance.

Jackie Update:

She has eaten more today on her own. Yippee !!!


  1. Fantastic pictures (especially the nature ones, of course you know me I have to say that!), and beautiful commentary ❀ The lake(?)shore shot is stunning. Where is that?

    Thank you for checking out and *like*ing my own Textures post!

    –Love and Liberation–



  2. Beautiful Waihi Beach, In the 1960’s, between milkings, we used to take the children there for picnics and swimming. Your photos bring back memories.Love the lighting on all the photos.


    1. Thanks PP. I was just telling someone on their blog how much Waihi Beach has changed these last few years. Wealthy Aucklanders are building million dollar mansions on the foreshore where they stand empty for most of the year.


    1. Thanks Gilly. I love that you love it.
      As for Jackie – hmmmmmmmmm – yes she is a wee bit spoilt at the moment. Fresh chicken is on the menu [the vet advised keeping her on a low fat diet for now] little bits and often until she gets used to food again. And I warm it for her of course. Chevvy’s nose is very out of joint at all this fuss over Jack and all the food she seems to be getting all day long.


    1. Thanks Madhu. I love that you liked this one. Texture and all its variance is so very important. I pretty delighted with Jack’s feeling better to tell you the truth. Very, very delighted.


    1. Thanks Nicole. I had fun putting it together…and I am very thankful that Jackie is eating more each day. And very hopeful it will continue. Thanks for your good wishes. Both Jack and I appreciate them.


  3. There shall be a Love button instead of just a Like. Very very nice photoblogging. Your words floats eloquently here, as much as you always do great proffesionalistic job on your pics.


  4. Great textures Jo! I still remember the first time i ate a kiwi. I was about 8 and at first I thought it was a weird furry thing. then all the flavors gushed in my mouth and now it’s one of my faves.


  5. Jo, I LOVE when you do posts like this. Your eyes see so much more than most, and to add wonder to amazement, you can capture what your eyes see with your camera. Truly an amazing feat, thanks!

    Ohh, and three cheers for Jackie’s continued improvement!!!


    1. What a lovely comment Cap’n…thank you !!!
      Jack says thanks as well for the three cheers. Chevvy is unimpressed with it all. Too much attention NOT going her way, and why the hell is the cat getting meals on demand ???


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