Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life [and a Jackie update]

This week’s challenge has me thinking.

Yes I do do that occasionally.

There is no way to compare everyday life. Each soul lives uniquely. Nothing is commonplace. Not the experiences that form our days, or the people who experience them.

A while ago I went to Tauranga with a friend and as we crossed the street a man’s music caught my ear. I’ve seen him before, huddled with his possessions in doorways. Stories abound about who is is…one story is that he was a music teacher. This day was the first time I saw him play. Perfect satin notes rolled across the street and drew me closer to him. And I wondered what occurrences had changed his everyday life so dramatically.

Jackie Update:

She does not have FIV. We still have no clue what is going on but today for the first time since Monday she actually ate without me force feeding her. Not a lot. A little bit of chicken and some minced heart. But those couple of mouthfuls made my everyday life a lot happier.

It is a miserable day here and Jackie is snuggled next to me.

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  1. Fascinated by the sax player. I wonder what happened to him? So pleased to hear Jackie has started eating. That’s got to be positive. Who knows what happens at times – maybe she ate something? Anyway fingers crossed that all the news is good from here. Hugs to you both.


    1. He is a fascinating character. Apparently he can be quite grumpy. But he was okay with me taking photos…I did ask first. He used to have a dog with him all the time. I have wondered what happened a lot since he didn’t have him with him this day.
      As for Jackie…here is hoping. We may never know what it was. As long as she gets better I don’t really care.


    1. I wanted to jump and yell ‘yee haa’ when I saw it happening, but I was too afraid I’d scare her off. Thanks for the good wishes. I am so grateful to everyone who has wished her well. So very grateful.


  2. There will no doubt be an interesting story behind the sax player; wonder what happened to his companion dog?
    Relieved to hear that Jackie has eaten a some food even if it was only a little bit – something is better than nothing, and if she ate it by herself, then it’s progress – let’s hope she continues to go forward.


  3. I’m so glad that Jackie seems to be doing better, Jo. Hope she continues to improve. Yes, I always wonder about people like your saxophonist. I’m sure they must have sad but fascinating stories to tell.


    1. I’m sure he does but he is not a very talkative fellow…he gets a little abusive so I was thrilled he allowed me to take some shots of him. Thanks for the thoughts on Jackie. I am thrilled.


  4. Good news once again about Jackie, Jo… what’s really bad is they can’t tell us how they’re feeling. Hopefully she’ll be eating more very soon! And like you say, every life is different… even those who follow similar paths take different directions on their journeys…


  5. Soo sorry about your kitty. But it sounds like she may be on the mend. I hope you two can do a lot of cuddling today:)

    And the saxaphone player…his fingers. He is highly sensitive. Who hurt him, Jo? Why did he decide to check out of the ‘normal’ world in favor of a safer place? He isnt so far gone if he let you take a picture. Does he ever sit and talk with anyone? I wish I could talk to him. I am sure he has so many wise things to say. What did you feel about him when you met him? Did you feel strangely at peace or almost anxious? Does he limp or favor any part of his body that you noticed? Have you thought of writing/imagining his story, Jo?

    hugs, my friend.


    1. Thanks Brynne,
      It is a yucky day here so we are cuddled up together.
      The sax player. He is quite aggressive usually and very hard to speak to. I wish you could talk to him too. No limp or favouring I have noticed. He is just usually very withdrawn from the surroundings. That is why seeing him play was fabulous for me.


  6. A very heartwarming chronicle of someone’s everyday living. We can tell how big your heart is, Jo. I hope your kind nature does something good for your cat’s recovery.


  7. The man playing the saxophone must have a great many stories to tell. I’m sure he is saying them with his soulful songs. There are so many people who are in these positions. He has found his own way of coping. It is the best entry I’ve seen for the challenge. Excellent …!!!
    Pleased to hear that your cat, Jackie, is doing better. It’s always overwhelming to see our pet ill and not be able to help them more. The best medicine for her is your staying in bed next to her. I’m sure it’s a comfort to her. I hope she continues to mend. ~~~~ : – (


    1. Thank you Isadora. I am thrilled you think so of this one. I have had this shot tucked away, never finding the right time to use it but wanting to. So I was thrilled with this challenge because I just felt it really fitted.
      And yes my beautiful black lady is doing better each day. Last week was very worrying but I am pleased with her progress since the weekend.


  8. I think a lot about homeless people, too – mental illness, alcoholism and drugs seem to be the biggest factors, but what factors drive those things in the first place? It’s a fine line for all of us – Gabrielle Bryden (http://gabriellebryden.wordpress.com/) wrote on her blog a while ago about ‘Moondog’, a famous NYC street musician – I had never heard of him – his life was quite fascinating. Glad Jack is on the mend.


    1. Hi Albadr,
      Thanks for stopping by. The saxophone player is a homeless man who lives in the town Of Tauranga near here. I am not sure whether he thinks it is a fantastic life…but it was fantastic to hear him play.
      Sorry you thought there was too much white in Jack’s photo. She has been sick and I posted that photo just to let others know what she was doing, which was curling up under the duvet on a cold day with her Mum.


  9. I too wonder what the turn event was in the saxophone man’s life? that possibly that he doesn’t care to get back up.. Anyway, nice photo Joe! Kisses to Jackie for me please!


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