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Sunday Post: Reflection

It is Sunday Post time again and this week Jake has chosen the theme: Reflection.

Click on the water to see it full size


55 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Reflection”

    1. And ours is coming…I actually spring cleaned on the last day of winter here…and it has done nothing but rain since. Might just leave the house dirty if that’s what happens.


    1. Nature did it Gilly. I just took the picture…though I did tilt it in Picasa and crop the photo. But that’s all I did…oh and press the button. That place just keeps serving up beautiful moments like this to anyone who wants to take the time to look.


  1. Like TBM my first thought was Peter Pan! πŸ˜€ This is such a cool picture, Jo! I love it that you captured it just like this. Momma Nature was definitely sending you a gift that day – so glad you had your camera out to catch it!! My “inner magpie” is going nuts at all the sparkles…lol.


        1. Oh yes you would have. I’ve seen your photos remember…you’d have caught it all right.
          Edited Freddie’s post…with a Madhu mention for pointing me in the right direction


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