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Sunday Post: From a Distance

After enjoying the view of the Kaimai Ranges while I ate lunch at a friend’s home I went to my own home to watch Charlie enjoying the agapanthus to the enthrallment one of the neighbourhood children…from a distance.

For more photos visit Jake’s Sunday Post: From a Distance


37 thoughts on “Sunday Post: From a Distance”

    1. Charlie was nosing the agapantha stalks…he does that with lots of plants in the garden. The boy just stood there watching, waiting for Charlie to notice him I think. He later came nearer the house, sat down and let Charlie wander all over him.


    1. Right on all counts Angeline. I loved the interaction between them. The boy was very respectful of Charlie, his space. He let Charlie come to him instead of charging up to him.


    1. Thank you so much Kate. I had a good laugh with the Heaven/Hell joke…reposted it to my fb page. I congratulate you on all your awards – you deserve them. And I loved what you said in reference as to why you pass them on. I agree with you about it should not be all about building your blog links but about telling others that you appreciate them.


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