Sunday Post: Close-up

Meet Jamil Mystical Dreamer – known as Misty to her family and friends.

Misty lives down the road and is a talkative kitty. Hard to catch on film as she moves constantly toward you. It was worth persevering to get this close-up of her though.

For more close-ups you can take a look over at Jake’s Sunday Post.


    1. Misty will love (as will her Mummy) all these compliments. Friends with Jack and Charlie. Jack isn’t friendly to anyone…including Charlie. That’s why we call her GRUMPY CAT !!! Charlie would drive her mad chasing…but maybe one day.


  1. Jo….such a beautiful kitty! I love her sweet face! Great shot for Jake’s theme!
    And what’s this about you being a “potential amateur photographer”?? You are outstanding!
    If I were you, I’d knock off the “potential” and “amateur” parts! You have a great gift! Your photos are always stunning!


  2. Cats are one of the most brilliant creatures allowed to roam this mystical earth. I am glad to know two, and pleased that wondrous creatures such as this fill other hearts with joy. Thanks Jo!


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