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Show me the way…


Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is…SIGNS.

So here is a bit of a KIWI take on showing people the way.

First of course the announcement you are about to enter the best LITTLE town in New Zealand. My own Katikati.

Where the second of our friendly pukekos will tell you where to leave your car so you can wander around.

Once that’s done why not have a relaxing swim ?

Or take a wander along the estuary…where one couple left a sign of their love where we can all enjoy it.

While you get your tyres checked at this fella’s place.

Because it is a 20 minute drive to Tauranga...where there is lots more to see.





40 thoughts on “Show me the way…”

      1. Awwwwww…thanks on both counts…both of you…wow that is a lot of doubles on here. Tennis anyone ????? We have a tennis court here too…hmmmmmm…might have to wander around with camera in hand I think.


  1. “Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs…” Really like the tire sculpture entity. I would love to visit your town sometime, Jo. It sounds like the perfect mix of funky, artistic, eccentric and welcoming place!


    1. I think you’d love it…and after the tour we could sit sipping cocktails on the deck while Chevvy runs around madly, Jack hisses and spits and Charlie climbs…well everything.


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