Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

When I arrived in New Zealand in 1993 one of the things I loved was that here in the Bay of Plenty its beauty was appreciated in a gentle low key way.

High rise ??? What are those ???

While I understand the need for progress and growth it saddens me to see towns such as Mount Maunganui becoming miniature Gold Coast replicas.

Frankly I have always HATED the Gold Coast in Queensland.

To some of you this may seem an incredible leap when you are viewing these images of Mount Maunganui.

I can imagine it still seems pretty low key compared with other places.

But for someone who has watched the changes occurring I am torn between the needs of the population and the needs of the land.

We need to make sure we keep the balance.

So there are still areas that are untouched by our human hands.

And left to grow as nature intended.


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  1. Oh well said. the monstrosity of the Gold Coast( to my eyes) and the “growth” in these beautiful places. I couldn’t think of an idea for GROWTH but you have me thinking now. I left the Tweed area in 2009 as the Gold Coast loomed up over the hills towards us. Great post.


    1. I was really saddened when I visited a friend in Mooloolaba and found that the Sunshine Coast was doing the same. Why must this be called progress ???? Where did you go after you left the Tweed area ?


  2. I agree about the Gold Coast. Who needs high-rise buildings at a beach? I like this post – you’ve made some excellent points about growth.


    1. Thanks !! I hate seeing this happen everywhere. We have a lovely little beach not far from here. It used to all of the old style Kiwi baches – now it is full of monstrous great houses. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


    1. I don’t mind change as long as nature is taken in to account…and that is not happening as much as I’d like here in New Zealand. We have this ‘Clean Green image’, but the Government of the day is all about money, money, money. They recently decided to try to mine even in our Heritage Areas…that is just not on for any amount of money.


  3. a thoughtful post. i know what you mean. my favourite beach used to be so remote and undeveloped. now the journey there is just as long, but you pass by many housing and other developments enroute…..


  4. I am all in favour of less buildings and more nature, but I guess when it is cold/hot we all look for a building to get protection! I liked your ‘take’ on growth.


  5. I agree with you wholeheartedly Jo. I too hate to see growth like this. It scares me sometimes how big the world is getting and how much nature is being destroyed. Great post!


  6. Many of my happy childhood memories involve hiking at our cabin in Idaho or in the Grand Teton National Park. I’ve always been a person who loves to be surrounded by nature. I know with the growing population, buildings and houses are essential. But I don’t have to be happy about it. I long for open spaces.


  7. The balancing part is the hard part…and not to make every place look the same as others. This happens in the U.S. with the same stores, the same restaurants, the same looking plazas and etc., and then towns start to look similar to one another. Yuck.


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