Red, white, yellow, blue and green – Kiwi style.

The Thirdeyeworld is a great blog. And the lady that runs it is Nicole…one of the most interesting people I have met on here. Now Nicole has taken part in the Capture the Colour Competition over at

Nicole’s entry is The World in Technicolour. Go on…check it out. You will be happy you did.

And she got to nominate 5 bloggers to enter. Bless her because she included me in that list. So here are my five pictures to capture the colours red, white, yellow, blue and green.

I chose to use only photos of New Zealand. Actually photos of the Bay of Plenty. Who needs to look outside their back garden when that garden is paradise itself.


This is taken in Tauranga in a tiny shopping mall that also houses our Rialto Cinema where I went yesterday afternoon to see a terrific movie…One Man Two Guvnors with a friend as an early birthday treat. These paper lanterns hang above the food court below and immediately caught my attention.


I think this one speaks for itself. Leaving the cinema I couldn’t resist taking a shot of this sign.


It may be winter here in New Zealand but there are still flowers to be found. I found this one on Saturday while walking the main street of Katikati. We Kiwis like a bit of colour. It was sitting in a vase, on a pedestal, outside the door of one of the town’s four hairdressors. We may be a small rural community but we like to be well groomed.


Katikati’s main street offers up more than a place to shop. Walking from one end to the other should be done slowly so that you miss neither conversation nor interesting sights along the way. This blue monster took up a fair bit of room…but who am I too argue when it still looks this good.


A friend’s garden is possibly one of the most peaceful places I know of here in town. I spent the morning a few days ago snapping all the hidden (and not so hidden) treasures that can be found as you wander around it. This seat is one of my favourite pieces and I love the way it changes with the seasons. After a wet few days in winter it often looks like this.

So there they are !!! The colours that reflect the place I live in, in a truly Kiwi way.

I don’t normally pass on things like this…but this time…well I am curious to see if these guys will at least try to answer the challenge, and as they are all very unusual individuals – what they would come up with.

So here are my five bloggers. Not all are photobloggers but I know they have it in them to produce something worth viewing.

While you’re at it check out Angeline’s ‘Capture the Colour post‘ !!!



  1. What Fun!!!! I soo enjoyed coming with you to see what you see and will begin noticing where my senses take me…and will work on sharing soon….:) thank you dear Jo!!


  2. Thanks for the mention Jo! (I saw this way earlier this afternoon, but for some reason can’t make comments on your posts from my iPhone, I can only “like”; I have no idea what that’s about!)….I like your colors the Kiwi way!


  3. I always enjoy seeing your photos and your world Jo! I’m hoping to catch some of the free Olympic events this weekend so I’ll keep an eye out for shots for these colors. It will make my day a little more challenging in a fun way. I do love a good challenge.


  4. I love the New Zealand spin you put on all your posts…in fact, it’s what I like most about your blog!
    BTW: Katikati seems like a fascinating place!


    1. I guess I just love NZ !!!! You know when I was younger and I would drive around Australia I had a girlfriend who used to say to me…as we entered the vehicle: “Please, no patriotic fervour about how great this land is.” I noticed the other day…I still wax lyrical about the place I live. I’m lucky I guess….getting to live in so many amazing places in my life. I just HAVE to share.


    1. Thanks Russell. Are you serious ??? My ex was colourblind. Saw everything like he was watching a B&W TV. Maybe that’s why you are such a great photographer…you’re not distracted by the colours but like him saw all the tones we who do see colour miss.


  5. I’m so glad you got nominated for this. Amazing, amazing shots! I love the white sign, and I’m gonna go with the usual suspect, the yellow flower.
    I’ve been nominated for this award twice but hadn’t gotten to it. I feel shy after all the entries I had seen from the nominees. You certainly made it even difficult for me to accept the awards. πŸ˜€


    1. Silly man !!! I would have nominated you as well but I saw that you had been nominated. Just do it !!!!!!!!! I always feel intimidated when I look at the images of others and how good they are…but life is too short not to take part and enjoy Rommel.

      I wondered if anyone would like these at all.


  6. Wow Jo! What an awesome entry!!!! It is so utterly creative too. I love the way you took things only in your town too. I am having a hard time deciding what my favorite one is as they are all amazing. I love the flower and the gentle blur behind it. I also love the green moss and the red lanterns. The white one is really unique too as is the big blue barge of a car. You are quite talented! πŸ™‚ Thanks also for the kind words! It is nice to hear and made me smile!


  7. Another wonderful set of photos Jo. Agree with Rommel, the high standards of these challenges are daunting for poor non photographers like us! Have yet to get down to posting mine. I too like the white one and the almost Zen feel of the green πŸ™‚


    1. The white on seems to be a favourite which really thrills me as I loved it when I saw it. And you’re right…the green does feel zen-like.
      But you and Rommel are so wrong – you guys may class yourselves as non photographers but I don’t think anyone else does.


  8. Great photographs. Two of my good friends are now in New Zealand taking their PhDs – another friend is now back in the Philippines but still in the process of completing his own PhD in Waikato. I hope to visit your lovely country next year (I just found out that there’s a giftedness conference to be held there in 2013. πŸ™‚


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