The challenge this month was to: Create a collection of similar subjects that also share a similar look. Choose a subject you like, with a lot of examples easy to find (people, flowers, insects…), or that you can capture in studio condition. To maintain cohesion between all the photos, take them in the same kind of conditions, and for photos taken before and during the challenge, while you edit them.

Other challenge entries can be found here: Monthly Project 7

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39 thoughts on “Mannequins”

    1. Thanks Francine. That is so great to hear from you !!! I had a lot of fun finding the right ones and playing around with them These challenges are so great for making me do things I have not done before, and there are so many great photographers taking part you can’t help but learn from them.

        1. Thanks for the ‘well done’ and yes it is great to have him back…as long as it doesn’t go to his head or we might have to make him…walk the plank !!!

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