Book Review: The Werewolf Legend

The Werewolf Legend (The Werewolf Awakening, Chapter 1) by Josh Atkins

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I was prepared to dislike this from the moment it arrived. However, I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed reading Chapter One from this series.

Jarod Hess is a policeman’s son and headed for the Police Force. He considers his life boring, and the future doesn’t look like it will be any better. One night that all changes when he ignores police officers gesticulating that he take a detour with his scooter and finds himself in the dirt with silver bullets flying in the air around him.

Jarod is not the real target though. The huge werewolf he finds himself scrambling around with in the dirt is. Stopped from leaving the area by a woman with a voice he considers almost sexy Jarod’s life goes from boring to adrenaline filled within moments.

Following the woman he finds out that the world holds a few secrets. Not only are there werewolves, but it seems unicorns are real as well.

It is the night that Jarod will have to make a choice. A choice between dying and becoming a werewolf eventually.

I liked the character of Jarod. He is annoyingly smart, and thinks he verges on being hilariously funny. The banter between Jarod and his female saviour (if that’s what she is) is fun and realistic considering who and where they are.

The Werewolf Awakening is aimed at a young market, and it suits that demographic perfectly. I can see young teenagers enjoying this book and loving the fast paced writing.

A few editing mistakes did escape the final proofread.

I’m a little pedantic about such things so these annoyed me, but I have seen worse in books published through publishing houses so I actually don’t consider it too bad. I just hope that Josh Atkins will edit the follow up a little more closely.


  1. I read the books that young people read. I want to know what my daughter is interested in. This looks good to read.


  2. Totally wasn’t expecting unicorns in the review. Sounds like a decent read for a cold, winter night. I’ll keep this on my list.


    1. They haven’t actually appeared just yet…I am hoping they do in the future. But I loved that he mixed the supernatural world of werewolves with something other than vampires.


  3. I’m a little skeptical of werewolves, but the unicorn evens it out :-). Sometimes, young adult novels can be fun for us olders. Might be a good beach read, or as TBM says, for a cold winter night. Pass the hot cocoa. 🙂


    1. I hope Josh comes and read this and definitely pops them in to the series in a more concrete way than in this chapter…or I may get lynched.


  4. I like the idea of the protagonist who isn’t as smart and funny as he thinks (and what teenage boy is??). But I agree with firstandfabulous – adding the unicorn to the mix is what really intrigues me.


  5. Unicorns in a werewolf novel? Hmmmm…*gasp* what if…there are WERE-UNICORNS!? Well…yeah, you’re probably right, that’s silly. Still, maybe you will enjoy the next one even better. 🙂 Let us know, eh?


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