Travel Theme: Night

Tauranga is twenty minutes drive from where I live.

The other night I went to a poetry evening in Tauranga, where there was an open mike as well as a few featured poets.

It was a evening where creativity flowed from some surprising sources.

These are the two poems I read…some of you may recognise them from previous posts.

The Maiden’s Song


she watches the sky

not for the stars – for the chocolate syrup they swim in,

in a graveyard

the rough stonework comforts her as she lays her cheeks

seeking their chill.

clothed in the black cloth of love’s embrace

over a pastel dress

she sings as

she accepts the kiss of a meat tenderizer,

cattails hold tightly her hands

lest they lose her Human Touch

as it hums from under a Scotsman’s kilt

and works the warm earth for its bounty,

the slap of a beaver tail,

a bruise from a Bo,

blue cloud dragons,

tattoos of a pirate life,

viewing the world through an octopus’ eyes,

pieces of her rubik’s cube

kept jumbled on purpose,

a skipper of stones

her ripples turn my mountains

into paintings…


The Maiden’s Song was inspired by this photo of mine and a discussion that arose from it.




sing the blood of a thousand heartbreaks

through hollowed wood

recounting every beat,

riding the salt and pepper

calling Bottesini to rise

as the C note sinks low and mournful

into the earth


The header was taken from the car looking across the water, as we came in to town.


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  1. I loved the poems. Great post.

    I guess we will continue to debated Bert and Ernie. They are dishclothes with colored threads holding them together. They can’t be gay or straight.

    Loved your post as always. I hope you take the comments in the good humor in which they were intended.



    1. Well Tim as you liked the poems I shall allow you to debate the issue to your heart’s content. Humour is always appreciated and taken as is here.


  2. A beautiful poem from this breathtaking photo… You are raising the bar for the Weekly Theme. Thank you so much for sharing!


    1. Thanks…I had a terrific weekend. The Daughter was home and I achieved something I had been wanting to do for a very long time. I will post about it soon.


  3. Jo, I love those bright night light of Tauranga! Now I absolutely want to know more about “the kiss from a meat tenderiser . . . ” fabulous poetry!


      1. Of course I remember! She always had the most interesting stuff on her blog (and how could I forget Pinghank?). No, I didn’t know that. I’d love to follow it, if you e-mail me the name of it! 😀


          1. 🙂 Thanks, Jo. I e-mailed ya back and am now subscribed again. We did have a hoot writing that! What a fun collaborative effort that was…I was so excited to see what gems awaited in the next installment!


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