Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement




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Author: Jo Bryant

I was born in the land of Banjo Paterson, gum trees, and weather extremes. I am a freelance writer. I live in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, but still like to claim my Australian heritage. I graduated with a Bachelor of Communications in 2008. I am writing my first novel. I love to write poetry, short stories, and also write for the web. And there is nothing that is on a par with a sunny summer's day spent at Waihi Beach.

63 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement”

    1. Hi Francine,
      I like that one too. I took it it of my friend’s speedo as we were driving to town one night. Thought it was cool…she was worried it would show her speeding…hehehe


    1. It is funny how people are drawn to the same image but for different reasons…someone else felt it seemed like being in the middle of a hurricane…you feel a ghostly feel to it…I love hearing all that stuff.


  1. Bursting with energy, perhaps on the subversive side. Especially fond of the header. Low light and night shots one never knows what one will get. And everyone likes a surprise.


      1. Yep. A hint of underlings, out and about in the dark, looking for something to happen. Again the header is exceptional.


  2. When I looked this morning I liked the second one best but now its the third, it reminds me of an early computer game! I love your dynamic new header shot too 🙂


    1. Thanks Gilly. I love number three the best. Poor Margaret was worried about the speed showing up…hehehe
      Me I just love the way it turned out. I’m a happy snapper.



  3. These remind me of the wonders I saw in the sixties, but then, since I can’t remember the sixties, this may all be just supposition. Still, if I had been where I thought I was when I was where I wanted to be, I would have thought it was beautiful while I was where I was when I saw it first. 😉


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