Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment









Momentum takes

over, a path toward

memory is





While techincally not Street Photography…it was taken on the street.

So I am hoping that will do ??


More in line with the theme is this I hope.

Check out more FLEETING MOMENT images here.


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Author: Jo Bryant

I was born in the land of Banjo Paterson, gum trees, and weather extremes. I am a freelance writer. I live in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, but still like to claim my Australian heritage. I graduated with a Bachelor of Communications in 2008. I am writing my first novel. I love to write poetry, short stories, and also write for the web. And there is nothing that is on a par with a sunny summer's day spent at Waihi Beach.

65 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment”

    1. Thanks !!!! I know that technically the first picture (I have added another to be more in line with the theme) isn’t really what they were after…but it was on the street. So that qualifies doesn’t it ???


  1. Beautiful work, Jo!
    About your request: I’ll try to answer your questions and provide the necessary materials as soon as I can… I promise! Thanks again for all the support!


  2. Nice Jo. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched a drip…er…drip. Love your imaginative fleeting moments poem.


  3. What a beautiful caption, Jo! I love the poetry in that leaf with the water dripping. Although I must say the photo of the man snoozing on the street is also priceless.


    1. Thanks Myra…that is so nice to hear.
      He just slept on as I snapped. My friend was worried he’d wake and get upset…but I figure that you are fair game if you snooze in public.


  4. Thanks for finding words that mean fleeting moment. I enjoyed reading it. Your drip photo is completely appropriate. We know it’s going to fall any second now, but that sleeper looks like he’ll still be there in half an hour. A bit like my Egyptian smoker.


  5. Beautiful words with moving images. Life has so many amazing fleeting moments. May we often catch them and keep them in our hearts. Moments turns to memories , and memories into source of inspiration. Thanks.


  6. πŸ˜€ Love the picture of the guy on the bench. Well done acrostic, too! Those can be a challenge to find just the right words and rhythm, but I think you did a great job with it!


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