Dyeing to be something else.

I am a pet owner.

And I love my animals looking good.

This means I brush them, bath them if they roll in gross things. I feed them good healthy food. I walk the dog to keep her exercised (both physically and mentally). I play with them. I have a second mortgage to pay their vet bills (you think I am kidding?).

I have put funny hats on Chevvy, much to her dislike.

She even has a cute T-shirt to wear when it gets colder.

Not that I would ever try that with the cats…they both have quick reflexes and sharp bits.

So…I do what I can to keep them at their optimum.

But…there are some places I will NEVER go. And for good reason.

When I first these…I laughed. Thought it was funny.

It is the latest craze in China.

To turn your pet in to a wild animal through clipping and dying.

Places like the Ruowen Pet Spa will turn your pet in to any animals you want…for a price.

“If you can dream it, we can make it come true,” Sun Ruowen owns the spa and has been working in the pet industry for 10 years.

Sun charges upward from $7 to dye one ear to $300 for more permanent dyeing and trimming of larger dogs. Most dye jobs last six months before the hair grows out.

Not that China is alone in this insanity.

Dyeing pets is popular in other countries as well.

This sort of lunacy makes me a little angry.

Because it is the same mentality that docks puppies tails and reshapes their bodies through breeding to make them in to something they are not.

In this photo taken on June 14, 2010, “Spiderwoman,” a 4-year-old female Bichon dyed to look like the Spiderman, looks up from a plastic cage near other dogs dyed to look like a tiger and a zebra at the Ruowen Pet Spa in Beijing where half a dozen dyed dogs on display.

There appears there is nothing you can’t achieve with clippers and a bottle or two of dye.

Some people claim it is good for your dog. Improves their mental well being.

That their self confidence rises with all the attention…

Especially when it comes from members of the opposite sex.

I can understand that I guess. What burly he dog wouldn’t want to mate with a female that looks like a camel ???

Or a tiger ??? It has to be good doesn’t it ? I mean what kitty doesn’t dream of growing up to look like a panda ???

Seems to me though…that this guy might end up on the couch discussing his identity crisis.

If I left the hairdresser like this…I would have asked for my money back.

So…we all know that countries like China (sorry but it’s true) don’t have a great record with using natural products for most anything.

It begs asking the question. What damage are all the chemicals doing to these animals when used over and over again ?

And who is really getting the self esteem boost by all the attention ??

One last thing. This looks cute – right ??

Did you know these cute baby birds aren’t dyed after hatching. No – these babies are injected with the dye as embryos, inside the egg.

The eggs are injected with chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, while others use “harmless” food coloring. Many chicks die before hatching so that a few can make it out in to the world as a novelty item.

And they call us the intelligent species ??

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  1. wow. wow. wow. I laugh and then I cringe and then my jaw drops, and suddenly I feel like the jokes on us. Are we so afraid to be ourselves that we find joy in making other things unnatural, too? Art is one thing but most of this feels pretty pathological to me.


  2. TOO weird. I didn’t know you were going to post about it too! O_o Well GOOD, maybe between the both of us, we can raise some awareness. 🙂 Will add a link to this a.s.a.p!


  3. How very, very strange. Can’t we stick to clay and canvas and other non-living materials when we feel artistic? Or is that just my Old Hippieness coming out?


  4. Wow this is absolutely crazy and animal cruelty if you ask my humble opinion. Did you take all these photos in China? I have never heard of such a fad. Poor animals! Why not use the money to help their fellow countrymen who are working at slave labour rates to stay alive! This post points out what a messed up works we live in. Excellent post Jo and I’m goIng to share on FB.


    1. It is crazy. No, a friend sent them to me in an e-mail…then I went looking online to read about it. That is where I found out about those wee chickens and what they do to the eggs. Disgusting !!!!
      Thanks for sharing on FB.


      1. You’re welcome of course! I’m trying to promote more blog posts from people I follow, to my friends. I found this an exceptional post! 🙂


    1. Awwwww…I think they are cute (my guys I mean)…I’ll tell them you said so !!! As for these other poor animals. I just want to SLAP the owners…more than once !!!!!!!


  5. Chevvy does as I. Humour them to a point; let them have their ‘fun’. Then ignore them or get even. I get ions of satisfaction from chewing the ‘ear buds’ off the Mp3 player. It drives you know who ‘nutz’.


  6. I know many Animal Rescue Groups hold special theme custom events to raise money and awareness. A blogger friend is part of their local Rescue Group who do a Mardi gras event, which is quite funny. Most of the images I have seen, show some real character shining through the beads and lacy shtufffs.

    Chevvy and the rest of your clan know your intent is meaningful and done with the best of intention -just have’n some fun, shown’n some love. However, those examples of the extremes of others -now excuse me, but those are the actions of certified ding-o-lings.


    1. Ding-o-lings…love that word. It describes them exactly. As for the Animal Rescue groups I think what they do to raise awareness and money is commendable. I just find the extremes these people go to as despicable.


  7. Dogs are so patient with our crudity… I always wonder what we are able do to them and still they have faith in us.


    1. Very true. I can’t imagine this constant application of chemicals does thm any good, quite the opposit in fact. And they are beautiful just as they are. Why can’t they be seen for this and appreciated ?


  8. AWESOME POST. Thanks for this cool collection! Pets dressed as other pets. Drop on the floor Hilarious! People are just imaginative, bored and creative.


  9. Jo…this is unbelievable! As far as I am concerned, these people should not have pets. If you love someone you accept them and love them for what they are. Thanks for getting it out there…


  10. Hiya, Jo! We haven’t talked in a while, it’s nice to be able to visit your blog again! I love the post, but I hate it when people do that to their pets. Like you, I think a nice jumper and the odd Christmas costume is the limit to what is acceptable to do to them. People should have more respect for animals.


    1. So nice to see you here. I have been visiting your site, picking up tips for feeding Chevvy a healthier diet. She loves it. Trying to convert the kitties now bit by bit…they are not sooooo convinced I haven’t lost my mind completely. So here I am doing all that and there are idiots out there doing this…the world is a strange place.
      Give George a hug and remeind him how lucky he is that you don’t do this to him. I keep pointing it out to Chevvy, but she doesn’t seem to believe me…


  11. Sick, sick, sick and has brought tears to my eyes, I’ve never seen anything like this. What’s wrong with these stupid selfish f*****g people?


  12. I have seen dogs with a bit of colour here in Shanghai, but more common is them dressed in clothes and little shoes… like running shoes, jeans and little leather jackets. I think it is part of the 1 child policy… they dress up the dog so they have another kid! Status is really important here and to have money you want to flaunt it! I used to dress the cat up on doll clothes when I was little and she wasn’t impressed. Can’t imagine what she would do if I coloured her!


    1. I understand the ‘loving them as another child’…I feel that way myself with my guys. I just have trouble poring chemicals on to them to turn them in to something else. Aren’t they beautiful as they are ?? As I type Charlie is laying on my chest (it makes life a bit difficult…hehehe) but his colouring, his markings…these are what are beautiful to me. I could never desire to change that…not ever.


      1. Me either… their patterns and colours are so unique. I loved Holly’s markings. She looked like she had socks on and one was higher than the other… it was funny. Reminded me of a little kid who did’t pull their socks up. I wouldn’t do it. There are some colours though that are washable gels like the kids use, so I guess that may not be bad. Unless it is on a cat that licks it off! Here they are more prone to dogs so they can parade them around. Dog has specail meaning for the Chinese and to treat one badly is bad for business and bad luck. Maybe that has something to do with it. Make them glitzy so their business does well.? ? ?
        Now colouring my own hair… that is a whole other story 😉 Hee hee.


        1. I wish I understood their reasoning…but it will never make any kind of sense to me to turn your dog in to a camel or a lion. I guess I should just be glad they don’t actually own a camel or a lion.


  13. On someone else’s page I would have suspected a spelling error, so I was prepared for colour changes when I came here.
    Only a little angry? This sort of stuff is animal cruelty in my book. Where is the respect for dignity? I don’t like seeing animals dressed up, not even Chevvy’s alice band. A warm dog coat is a different matter. NotCat only wears a collar to keep him and the birds safe, but he looks far more handsome without.
    Dressing pets, using dyes to make them look like something else, and ridiculous too, turns them into accessories.
    Very angry.


    1. I love tha first sentence of yours…just love it Isobel.
      In truth…I got angrier as I went on. By the time I got to what they did to those wee chicks I was full of red hot rage to be honest.
      You will be happy to know…it was The Daughter’s band. and we only subjected poor Chevvy for about 20 seconds to the humiliation of having to pose in it. And she got lots of cuddles and treats both during and after.
      As I type…Charlie is curled up on my chest, paws over my shoulder, rubbing his cheek against my face (it does make it hard to see the keys), and those gestures of love and acceptance make it so hard to understand that anyone could do those things to their pets. They love us as we are…why can’t their owners do the same ???


    1. Hi TT,

      It seems you are not the only one who thinks so…pity those pet owners weren’t able to use their brain cells to think about what they are doing before they do it.


  14. Shaping and crafting nature to fit our whims and predilections seems twisted and a little ‘off’ to me. I love life the way it is created. Meddling with it does not seem like a good idea, but people become jaded and need more and more extreme simulations to achieve satisfaction or elicit a response. We can be twisted if we want to, but it shouldn’t affect the creatures that we share this world with.


  15. How I wish I can double feature you. Hehe. I had to make room for others as well. Love this post, and would’ve been thriled to feature this.


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