Weekly Photo Challenge: Close

This week’s photo challenge is: Close.



  1. This is AMAZING Jo! Great Entry! PS…I love your blog design and your header….gorgeous! I need to get more creative with mine but haven’t found the time yet. Did you know I LOVE NZ ferns!!!!


  2. Hi,
    A great photo of the cats eye. They are so unusual I think cats eyes than a lot of animals, I suppose that is why they are used a lot in Jewelery. πŸ™‚


          1. I have so many photos of him…although he gives me THE look when I take his photo Charlie is actually very patient with me doing it. I guess he figures if he lets me do that then I will let him do what he is doing now. Laying on my chest with his head on my shoulder sleeping…reminds me of when my babies were little.


          2. Yes Holly didn’t like to pose. I would get the 1 eye peeking or the dash when she heard the camera. She hated the flash. I have so many pics of the cat too. My husband said I have more of her than him πŸ˜‰


          3. Oh that’s funny. I had to laugh the other day…I follow Anne Rice on fb and she has this new cat ‘Prince Oberon’. Her son posted something questioning the fact that she had posted more photos of her cat than she ever had of him. My Jack sounds like Holly…she does not like the camera and gives me the one eye peeking too !!! But Charlie is so: “Oh, must we ? Oh, all right then. Just make sure to photoshop out any blemishes will you !!!!”


    1. Oh yes it is he of the intelligent eye, intolerant mind and lightening fast strike reflexes. But it is also he of the gravelly puur and the soft warm cheek that seek out mine.


  3. My daughter named our cat ‘Marvin’. We call him Starvin’ Marvin because he’s always crying for more food. I’m still thinking about close–too many options on this one. I do love that macro setting…


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