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Sunday Post: Water H2O



We are surrounded by the ocean in New Zealand.

Which means it is very much a part of our lives, and who we are as Kiwis.

It is also one of my great loves.


Thanks Jake for another great inspiration.


39 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Water H2O”

  1. Water is a great subject. I like the third the best, if I have to choose, which I don’t πŸ˜€
    (every time I see multiple pix I feel compelled to rate – must mean something. I hope nothing bad )


    1. No…not bad. we all have things that draw us to one or the other. That is why i will sometimes put up more than one…knowing not everyone will find it to their taste…so hopefully there will be one that each person finds appealing.


  2. Fyi…..the images are not opening up in my browser Firefox v13. I will try later. Please feel free to delete this comment. Just wanted to give you the heads up.


    1. Oh bugger…that’s not good. Others are liking it – the post I mean so I am assuming the post is working. It shows the images on mine and I am also using firefox v13…very weird. let me know if they still aren’t showing up and in the meantime I will look in to it. Thanks !!!


      1. I can see the light now or the water in this case. Ocean water seems to have more magic in it than say tap water. And clear glacial water streaming from a crack in the ice above Alpine is nothing short than spiritual awakening. I too like may water salty and a ocean breeze slapping the face. Someday I hope to leave ‘footy falls’ on a beach daily, till then am jealous of anyone able to do so. Thanks for sharing the pics; glad I didn’t miss them.


    1. Thanks…so glad it wasn’t a problem like the other day when NONE of the photos were showing up on a post. had nothing to with me forgetting to post them on the page…nah uh !!!!


          1. Cool! So you are an Aussie-Kiwi! Love both countries. I have to say though that NZ is a place that is in my top places in the world. I especially love the South Island. It is so pure, so real, so beautiful. And the people are so amazingly nice! just like the aussies too!


  3. Very funny “comment” invite. Love it! Also funny…is how this post reminds me I need to drink 8 glasses of water a day. The photos just made me think of quenching my thirst…big time!



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