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When two roll in to one…

Growing up in Wollongong and Sydney I was always within tasting distance of the ocean’s perfume. I have always felt its pull. As I walk within her, friendship is offered as a salty caress. Yet I know how quickly her temper can change…she reminds me of me.

I am lucky that the ocean is still not far away. A while ago I spent the day at Waihi Beach, walking the Demented Fox Terrier and taking images such as the header on this post. Summer was leaving us and it was one last day to enjoy her warmth as she made ready for her trip North.



Some of you might remember that I spoke of a friend who has recently taken up her paintbrush again. I promised I would show you what she did when she took this photo of mine…

and she turned it in to this painting…

It was brought to my house yesterday for me to look at while I am stuck at home with the flu. The idea being that if I think it isn’t finished she’ll do changes. Huh !!!!

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thus…NO changes.

I think I am luckier than most in the wonderful people that have chosen to be a part of my life…to offer me their friendship as she has done.

Friendship…isn’t that when someone makes you feel that you stand out against the rest of the world…especially when you stand out together.

These two amazing women are still as close today as they were when they flatted together in the 80’s. Some bonds…while stretched, or maybe a little warped…will never be broken.

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70 thoughts on “When two roll in to one…”

  1. The bond of true friendship is stronger than steel. Your photos are beautiful and the painting is amazing. Don’t let her change a single thing!


    1. Hi Marion,
      I won’t. She rang me last night before heading off for a few days and I told her that so far all were in favour of keeping this amazing piece of art exactly as is and she was very touched by that.


  2. Wonderful post, Jo. That second photo really appealed to me, it’s so quirky and so beautiful too. Tell your friend to never put down her paintbrush again, she did a fabulous painting of your photo! And get well soon. xxx Ailsa


    1. She did do a marvelous job didn’t she? I think she has so much talent that were she to contemplate stopping I would have to have a serious discussion with her about that. But she is enjoying it…so hopefully this will be the beginning of a gallery showing. Thanks for the get well wishes. Still under the weather…but it’s a new week !!!


    1. Thanks Tom. And thanks for the well wishes.
      Do you get to the sea often ? How far are you from the ocean ? It is my dream to end my days with a house on the beach with large glass windows so I can watch the surf day and night.


  3. Isn’t it great to have such wonderful people in our lives,this week is a terrific challenge. Your friend has done a lovely job on the painting you lucky girl!
    I love having you as a blogging friend btw!


    1. Thanks Gilly…she did a fantastic job. It is Monday morning and I am still yucky…in bed with a hot lemon drink and your comment just made me feel better…I LOVE having you as a friend as well.


    1. Thanks TBM !! For enjoying this post and the well wishes. Slow going but I do feel a bit better today…just need to stop coughing.


      Charlie deserted me in disgust last night after a coughing fit, with a sideways glare and swishing tail.


  4. Jo,
    I love the way you put this post together. Friendship is made up of a lot of elements.
    The photo of the ocean is beautiful as usual and I was so happy to have the opportunity to see the painting your friend did of your photo…it is BEAUTIFUL! You are definitely a lucky lady…:-)


  5. Talented photographer combined with a talented painter… what an extreme match!
    I myself always stick to really really close friends. And I’m the type who won’t get attached to somebody too close unless I really want to be close with somebody.


    1. She is also a very talented writer and the best physio I have ever met…magic fingers has this lady !!! Not to mention she makes a mean avocado pasta, grows great veges, and makes me laugh all the time. I keep her as close as I can !!!


    1. Oh dear Brynne – how wonderful that makes me feel. No mean feat at this time I tell you…after a week of coughing, fevers, headaches, and disgusted looks from the animals as I disturb their sleeping I needed something like that. You sparkle my joy as well !!!


  6. Wonderful post! I love it when bloggers don’t just post the photo for the week’s challenge but write a sincere story to it additionally. I’m looking forward to more heart warming posts and breathtaking photos!


    1. Thank you Albadr…I was trying to find a way to show friendship without using too many people or kids or animals. Not that they don’t make great images but I figured there would be lots of those with this theme.


  7. Really like the one with the sunglasses in it. That could almost be an add for something.

    The painting is great. No changes.

    I know a thing or two about friendships like this. I have two friends from high school that we still hang out together when we can. Bonds like that seem to last a lifetime.

    Nice post. Wish I was on the beach right now.


    1. Thanks. so glad you liked the sunglass image. And the painting. I have a couple of friends like that. We may not see each other for years…but when we do the conversation just picks up where we left off. I’d like to be on the beach too, but not here. It is freezing here at the moment.


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