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How did others interpret the WINDOW Creative Project Challenge ?


22 thoughts on “Window”

    1. Thanks Robyn. I couldn’t resist that shot…though the friend with me was terrified they would come after us.
      She gets a little nervous when I start snapping photos of complete strangers…particularly burly men.
      I have a friend who is a painter, and she is doing a painting of the header for me…how cool is that ????


    1. Thanks…you know I have no idea at all what it was. But you have given me cause to think that from now on when I see someone looking intently in any direcction I should turn my head from them for a minute to find out why !


  1. People watching people, excellent. I don’t think they’re up to anything terrible just being blokey! was tempted to join the challenge but decided I’m getting too addicted πŸ˜‰


    1. Thanks Gilly !!! I like their challenges because they require you to take the photos after the challenge starts (except for the theme). It makes me take more shots and practice on the budding photographer skills. And I LOVE their tutorials. You do these and then try out your skills (try being the operative word in my case) but I have learned what split toning is, among other things, something I had no idea of before.


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