Sunday Post: Door

For more DOORS pop over to Time After Time and visit with Jake and the rest…


30 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Door”

  1. You killed two birds with one stone in this post … door, for this week, and stairs, from a couple of weeks ago. Pretty slick! … even if you didn’t mention the stairs. 🙂


      1. I send you an invite but it’s okay. It’s too much hassles with this private thingy anyways. I will go public today again sweets. I feel silly anyways keeping my blog private. 🙂


  2. I saw dentist and almost forgot what the challenge was. EEeekkkk … that is the place where scary things happen. Then, I took a breath and it was a door. lol
    That is one silly dental name. I guess the kids can pronounce it easily.
    Great entry ….


    1. So sorry I scared you Isadora.
      The name is actually the name of the town.
      Katikati means nibble nibble (relating to a Maori chief’s eating of a kumara).


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