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15 Minutes around Katikati

I love this rural town I call home.

To take part in a photo challenge I went out with my camera and shot myself silly for 15 minutes. I took loads more than this…but the challenge limit is 20. So here are the ones that I feel show the essence of Katikati.

From Project Mosaic Creatures

Sculptor Donald Paterson used Barry Menzies as his model.
The River Was the Road. 1996, Stephen Hall created this sculpture over three days during the November 1996 Mural Magic Festival.
Sunday in a Bush Camp
Anne de Silva, Matamata
Acrylic on panels, 20 sq m
The two stages of ‘Sunday in a Bush Camp’ were painted over three years.
Dr. Joe
Jane Wilson, Katikati
acrylic on block wall, 6 sq m.
Dr Joe was Katikati’s doctor for more than 40 years.
Follow the footsteps on Katikati’s Main Road.

Diggelmann Park is on the Main Road in town.

Mural #41 Overload
Peter Nicholson, Whitianga
Acrylic on concrete
Mural #15 The Bullock Team
Ken Young, Hamilton
Acrylic on panels, 22 sq m.
A small part of Mural #8 Rev. Katterns’ Ostriches
Malcolm Pitkeathly, Katikati
Acrylic on block and
pressed steel, 62 sq m.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my part of the world…I know I enjoyed showing you !!!


32 thoughts on “15 Minutes around Katikati”

    1. It is so artistic. All the murals and sculptures add a great deal to the atmosphere of the town. And we have a Haiku Walkway with poetry lining the path. There is music from outdoor concerts in the summer and arts festivals to showcase talent…Katikati really is amazing considering its small population.


  1. A really creative place your Katikati, I love street art and there’s plenty of it! I still remember the chorus of the Katikati song you put on ages ago with two girls singing 🙂


  2. Jo, thanks for the visit. Love the artwork!
    As for the photos, I love the variety and the fact that they are great for different reasons. I especially like the toy horse and the colorful buckets because the “artwork” is yours. 🙂


    1. Thanks Frances. So happy to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks for the good luck !!! Good luck for yours as well. I enjoyed seeing your photos of that part of Auckland.


  3. Katikati seems to be overflowing with art! This is an interesting vignette of your town. You’ve shown enough hints that now I’d like to see more — Maybe another time?


    1. It has an enormous amount of artwork displayed everywhere…but then the town is full of creative people from all the expressive arts. I will most definitely be putting more up. I love showing off my community !!!


  4. Wow. I agree with what some of the other comments have said – it looks like a terrific artists’ commune! A haven of creativity (no wonder you fit in so well!) ;)…I could have happily looked at ALL the photos you shot that day but am glad you shared with us the ones you did. 🙂 That mural “overloaded” had me grinning!


    1. Oh it is full of creative types. Artists, photographers, writers, musicians, actors. Even Richard O’Brien (The Rocky Horror Show creator) lives here. More will go up in time that I took that day – and others. I can’t seem to not take pics these days. Overloaded is one of my favourite murals in town….always makes me smile.


  5. You’re location is so idyllically “indie” (for lack of a better word)!! I can totally see how suited you are to it. Your photos gave a good feel of the place and that’s sometimes hard to do via flat media…Great shots!


    1. Awwwwwww…thank you. It does feel unique and ‘indie’ is a great way to describe Katikati…Katikati actually means nibble nibble (relating to a Maori chief’s eating of a kumara).


  6. Your corner of the world looks like my cup of tea – is it touristy? I wouldn’t know, I’ve hardly been out of England, lol. Great photos and they gave me a good insight into your neighbourhood.


    1. I wouldn’t say Katikati is touristy…it has murals, and cafes, and B & Bs, and so on but it is too much rural New Zealand to be really touristy. head over to Tauranga/The Mount/Papamoa (cities near the sea) and it gets more touristy…but compared with other countries I think we are pretty mild.


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