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New Zealand sky puts on the show of the year…

Well  here you go…the focused shots of my evening spent watching with awe the New Zealand skies.

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48 thoughts on “New Zealand sky puts on the show of the year…”

  1. WoW! Those were ALL gorgeous, Jo! I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite…I love the first ones and then the ones with the moon just blew me away. I think I like the ones with the clump of grass silhouette and the moon in the background the best…maybe…so hard to pick just one. You really outdid yourself with these!


  2. These are great photographs dear Jo, I haven’t seen such a beautiful sky like that… Fascinated me these colours and reflections… Thank you, with my love, nia


    1. Thank you !!! It is not every night that we see it like that. I was watching the moon rise and turned around to check the Demented Fox terrier’s where abouts. I was gobsmacked (it’s the only word that fits really) when I saw the colour of it over the hills and the water.


  3. Hon, these are so absolutely gorgeous! Love the colours! Nature is so beautiful and you captured the best parts. 🙂
    *big hugs*


        1. I tried…but insomnia is my middle name these days…so working on the book and other stuff while listening to the rain, snuggled up with the Demented Fox Terrier and Charlie. Jack is out on a chair by the fire…lit it for the first time tonight and she was a happy wee camper. Such a creature of comfort…


  4. We had the SAME unusually intense sunset on that same day and I too was stunned enough to take a series of pics. I put them up on facebook but was also considering a blog post for it! Do you think it was due to the full moon? If you want to see how it looked on our side of the world, copy and paste this absurdly long url to my faceook album:


    1. Do a blog post – great photos should always be shared.
      I loved your shots.
      The first one with the colours in the trees and reflections was amazing.
      Thanks for letting me check them out Karen.


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