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Sunday Post: Shelter

When I was in Tahiti I came across some interesting homes.

Places where people take shelter from the world around them.

I’d like to share with them with you.





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34 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Shelter”

  1. Absolutely stunning! Oh, I just love the last one! Now there I would love to live for sure. 🙂
    Great shots and entry hon! 🙂
    *big hugs*


    1. Thanks Angeline – if you ever get the chance I really recommend Tahiti. But you need to leave the tourist areas and go where the people are. They are so friendly and once you get out and about there is so much charm and beauty to be found.


    1. Thanks Vivian – it is a quote from my favourite TV show – Supernatural. I always wanted to use it somewhere…hehehe.
      Glad you liked the shelters…they made me feel good when I saw them.


  2. Well Jo these are certainly different.. the top one.. on stilts.. now fine on a nice warm day nice and airy 🙂 .. But would hate to think of being in a rainstorm and that ground starting to slide.. The second one.. well now that seems to have been built in its own little island.. And the Third all set for a quick get away.. Hope the engine in good working order too! 😉
    great photos Jo..
    Hope you keeping well and had a great weekend.. Hugs to you. ~Sue xx


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