Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

After some feedback I have recropped the image to end up with this…


    1. Hey Gilly – that struck me too when I looked at it. I knew that I wanted to post this image because of the father/daughter moment…but when I saw the trees I realised it was exactly what I wanted.


  1. Terrific capture all around. One suggestion. The main subjects are almost exactly centered between the top and bottom of the frame. Maybe a little more cropping at the bottom to slightly off set them would work.


    1. Thanks Rick…actually I did look at that. But problems with my computer wouldn’t let me adjust the image until today. I think your suggestion is a good one. Thanks for mentioning what you think…I really love to hear when people have ideas that might make something I do better. I also wanted to get rid of the house…so I have done some cropping. What do you think ???


      1. Looks terrific! I prefer this image. This tighter crop focuses the viewer more on the two subjects, plus adding the vignette around the image makes it more so! Good job (-:

        Blur the background – Another step (In a future shot) that would make the two subject stand out even more by blurring the background, especially the two trees. This would require a different F/stop, like f/4.5, etc. I always take a series of f/stop images because you really can’t tell much from viewing the camera LCD.

        What you are seeking is to eliminate anything in the background that might be a distraction. You don’t need this for every image of couse. For me, the two trees are a distraction (Just like you saw with the house.) because my eyes keeps going there. Blurring them, eliminates that.

        Sorry to ramble. It is the photographer in me that desires to provide helpful feedback in the hopes that they can create picture perfect images. And this second image is very close to that! I really like the 2nd version, but I’ve already said that (-:


        1. Thank you Rick – it is so great to get critique/advice as I am just starting to get back in to taking images, after years of grabbing the camera for a quick snap. Sorry but I had to giggle when you talked about different F/stops…the only cameras I have are a phone camera (which is pretty darn amazing for a phone camera) and a point and shot Lumix.


    1. Thanks !!
      I do think the edited version makes the photo much better. I am learning as I go – it has been a long while since I really tried to get into taking photos with a purpose rather than just click for the moment.


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