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I have found a great photoblog community that puts out weekly and monthly challenges among other things. It is a terrific place to stretch myself as a budding photographer.

This month’s challenge is to photograph a series of at least five monochrome shots.

This is what I came up with…

I would love to hear what you think of it !!!


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30 thoughts on “Monochromes”

  1. Hey well done Jo, I like it 🙂
    I hope that you are enjoying
    yourself this week, with lashings
    of everything that you enjoy
    the most being applied at every
    given opportunity 🙂 Wow that
    sounds like a lot of excitement 🙂

    Androgoth XXx


  2. I think it’s fab Jo, you have chosen a great selection of colours! Did you use powerpoint to create the collage? I would like to take part but the link challenges look very complicated so I’ll just enjoy yours instead 🙂


    1. Thanks Gilly – I used Picasa 3.
      You shouldn’t think the challenges are complicated. Some are – some are not. And there are always a few so you can pick and choose what ones you want to take part in. For example one of the challenges now is to master TEXTURES. But they have a tutorial to lead you through it all. That is why I started doing them…the tutorials I mean. And the rest is just a bit of fun. The monochromes really opened my eyes to finding situations of one colour and working out how to make them interesting. I have never done that before…and I guess that is why I like the challenges…they get me trying new things.


    1. Thanks Cap’n – I actually had a lot of fun doing it – first finding things that were only one colour. Tha is harder than you think ! Then trying to figure out how to make that shot interesting. Then putting it together. The first few were actually kinda funny looking.


    1. Thanks – it did take a while…and quite a few shots. There always seemed to be just a flash of something else right in a too hard place to crop…but I enjoyed the way it made me look at the world.


  3. I like this one, although the picture next to the furry ear needs more definition, I think. Again, you did a great job mixing the colors and textures. The green block at the bottom tends to weight the piece in that direction – could you possibly add another green somewhere near the top of the other side, maybe? Just to balance it out a bit…anyway, there are some interesting shots in this one. 🙂


    1. Personally I think the one I sent you was better…but I liked going out and finding new monochromes and trying it again. I think I will keep shooting when the opportunity arises and do more…using some of the ones in this and adding as well as deleting…mix it up a little until I get it right…


        1. That’s why I like taking part in their challenges…I learn new things. One challenge taught me about split toning. Love THAT effect. And there are so many great photos put up – I love studying them…seeing what works, what doesn’t and taking that with me as I roam…Lumix in hand. I don’t always submit something. I think the leaf may be one of those times…I am not sure I am satisfied with those images…which is why I asked for feedback. But it is fun !!!


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