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Weekly Photochallenge: Sun

I’m a sun baby…raised in Australia how could I be anything else. The sun fascinates me. Even more so now that I have picked up a camera again.  So when I saw this week’s photo challenge…it was Yippie Ki Yea time !!!







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67 thoughts on “Weekly Photochallenge: Sun”

  1. You have an absolutely stunning blog. Thanks for leaving a footprint on my blog, so I could find yours 🙂 From a sunny South African Blogger


  2. Gorgeous captures Jo! Love the glow of the sun in each of them, but the last one is perfection. You did it again… great entry!


    1. Well I am gobsmacked that you would think I would not get your drift, but while I am as game as a pissant…I might just have a gander to be sure I don’t make a galah of myself.


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