Jack wants some air time.

I realised that lately Charlie and Chevvy have been getting a lot of exposure.

Jack is the big momma in our house.

A real lady…with a streak of don’t mess with me thrown in to the mix.

So…rather than get on her bad side.

Here is my girl.

Jack's favourite place when it is cold - the hot water cupboard !!


Isn't she lovely !!!!


She reminds me of an Egyptian God.


My Beauty...as I call her.


Turning Jack in to a work of art !


Her...I can't be bothered with all this attention pose.


Enough of that...back to the cupboard for some peace please.


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36 thoughts on “Jack wants some air time.”

    1. She is lovely Harry and quite a character as well. very hard to photograph though. First you have to catch her in the right mood…and get the light right or all her character just disappears in the blackness of her. But I will pass along your compliments…when she gets back from terrorizing the local bird population.

  1. So instead of a boy named “Sue”, it’s a girl named “Jack”. :) Ok, I have to ask – why Jack? And yes, she IS gorgeous and very much reminds me of the Egyptian Goddess, Bastet. The few, rogue white hairs just add to her charm!

  2. I think all (loved) cats ‘think’ they are God’s, which is probably why your’s think she is an Egyptian God. My worthless beast thinks he is a God too. LOL. Of course, that is probably my fault, because I treat him like a God. You are right, your cat is a beauty. I like the photo manipulations…they turned out rather interesting.

  3. Oh, she is absolutely gorgeous Jo and she really looks like an Egyptian god. Those eyes are beautiful! Stunning captures hon! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. PS: Voted and good luck hon. :)
    Thank you for voting in the People’s Choice Award!
    Thanks for your support of bloggers in Australia.

  5. I love cats, especially black cats. The coat, eyes, and regal stance is just sublime. My baby, Atticus, loves to sleep right in front of the heater in the entry way. I have placed a blanket there so he is perfectly comfortable.

  6. She really is lovely. She is the precise opposite of my Edelweiss who is all white with blue eyes. At 17 I doubt Edelweiss will be with us much longer, so I stare at her often to burn her image into my head.

    1. Ohhhh…I imagine that that thought scares you – it would me…but what a life she would have had in those 17 years. I had to put my 17 year old dog down in 2004 and it broke my heart…but I took a lot of comfort in that right up until the end she was happy and healthy. And I wouldn’t give up the sorrow of losing her for I would have missed the joy of having her around.

    1. Sparky is so much fun…and sooooooo pretty !!! I actually think that as a painting the uncropped version will be better…though obviously I do likt the header…hence it being the header you see !!! ;)

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